Cobra XL Speed Men's RH Golf Club Set 10pc $899.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Another Costco Golf deal for the upcoming Spring/Summer golf season.

10 piece set which includes driver, 3W, 5Hybrid, 6-PW,SW Irons and a putter.

Still cheaper than buying a complete set from a golf store and would recommend for people like me who have just started out and are learning the mechanics of the game.

Add the matching Cobra bag for $189.99

As always, may be cheaper in store.

Happy golfing!

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    Personally I'd never advise people to buy these sets - usually better quality and pricing to be found used on gumtree/marketplace. With this set, if you end up playing for a while you'd eventually swap out pretty much every piece and make a big loss when trying to sell it…

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      Don't necessarily agree with your comment. 2nd hand Golf gear at the moment is quite expensive.

      The package set above isn't too bad and they have been improving significantly since main brands have started to do it. I wouldn't be buying the bag though as you can pickup a cheap one online.

    • I don't really agree either. These sets are a pretty good way to get into golf without having to worry about the research and risks associated with buying mixed sets or trawling to find individual clubs etc. Pretty reasonable price too and you could upgrade clubs or add to your bag as required over time without losing too much money.

    • Don't entirely agree with this comment either. Yes there is better quality/pricing on marketplaces, however that does not factor in the overall condition or the suitability of the clubs. For all you know someone has thrown the clubs around after hacking it around the course and is just selling cause they don't play anymore. Additionally, in some cases higher end clubs can act as a deterrent to someone just starting but using nice clubs they found on marketplace. i.e. Titleist forged blades with steel stiff shafts, no beginner is gonna to be able to hit them consistently and ultimately they will be like, oh "I have the best clubs, I must not be good at this" - which is generally not the case.

      If someone was to buy this set, I reckon it will last them a good couple years, even playing weekly. Once their game improves and their handicap becomes lower, it will warrant them either buying new clubs or custom fitted ones. Bag as mentioned is terrible for a base model stand bag - even their more higher end stand bags are low $200s most times. Cheaper ones are available of other brands, pretty much same quality as this bag.

    • some valid points, but I still feel $899 is a lot to spend on mid-range, unfitted clubs for a new player - there are quite a few cheaper options that would also be fine for a completely new players
      Inesis 100
      Wilson ProStaff

  • Saw these in Adelaide last week and they are $100 less in store.

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    No irons below 6 is a bit of a deal breaker. Could be good for someone recently retired and looking to get into the game.

    • True on someone just getting started. There's a 6 stamped on it but at 26 deg and 37.75" is a pretty strong 5 iron.

      Most starting out don't need much lower lofts in their irons than this.

  • The standbag is $179.99 instore. Unsure on the clubs though.

  • Cobra package sets are usually just over $1000. Quick price comparison for the XL Speed
    Costco - 10 clubs for $899 + $189.99 for stand bag = $1088.99
    Golfbox - $1189 for 12 clubs with cart bag - OOS
    On Course - $1199 11 clubs with cart bag -

    I believe the newer Cobra model is the FLY XL
    Power Golf - $1199 for 11 clubs and cart bag -

    Also for the stand bag - $189.99 is pretty terrible for what looks to be a base model Cobra stand bag.
    You can get slightly more premium Taylormade bags for around $160 at the moment at Powergolf - RRP - $199, or you want the Cobra bags, you can get some for about $200 but using slightly more premium materials.

  • This vs the Callaway Edge?

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