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Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 Engine Oil full synthetic 5L $28.60 ($82 Normal Price) + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C) @ Repco


1st deal I've posted. I've been waiting for the next Castrol edge deal but this came up. Clearance but my local Repco has stock.
Specifications: API SN, ACEA C3, BMW LL04, MB 229.51, MB229.31, Chrysler MS-11106, GM Dexos 2

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  • How does this compare to the popular Castrol Edge 5w-30?

    • One is $30 cheaper than the other.

      The cheap one is clearance and says "exclusive to Repco" so I'm guessing that the branding deal they had expired and now the older stuff is on clearance.

    • Just new packaging.. same oil I reckon. 5w-30 ECT C3 is what you should look at. Euro cars would use especially BMW/Mini.

      • So same oil - Ultra X and ECT C3. Can the ECT C3 be used on run of the mill Japanese cars?

        On the Shell Lube Guide they recommend ECT C3 for European cars, but for Japanese just the regular Ultra X. Would there be any harm using ECT C3 on Japanese cars?

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          I put in my lexus and it recommended the ECT C3

    • Appears to be the same. Just a cardboard jacket. The same discount happened a while ago with the 10W-40. The one with the cardboard jacket was heavily discounted and marked as clearance.

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    Doesn't "fit my vehicle"… but still seems like a good deal.

  • How does "ECT" differ from "X"?

  • Can definitely say my cars love Castrol Edge more than standard cheapo non synthetic oils. But ofcourse its the specs that matter most

    • I normally use Castrol Edge myself - would this Shell be similar?

      • I personally would wait for Castrol Edge to go on sale, (i.e. if the circumstances like last serviced, due when …km etc allow me to) but i would wait may be any longer than 3 months for such a sale.

        If you need to service your car soon ofcourse, and dont want to spend full price on Castrol Edge, yes it may be good option to consider.

        • yeah not in a rush. Think I'll wait. That way I can use the last little bit of the old bottle of Castrol Edge too. Only buy it when it's $35 or less so happy to wait for that.

    • You really shouldn't be able to tell the difference except in longevity.

      Castrol Edge is (unless they've changed it) a hydrocracked mineral oil rather than a "real" synthetic oil like Mobil 1. I don't know what this Shell one is.

      Edit: It looks like both Castrol Edge and this Shell oil are group IV synthetic.

  • Great first post OP. This is a good oil - the Dexos 2 rating is the best for engines that are both direct injection and turbocharged

  • Looks like it's primarily marketed at diesel engines but obviously fine for petrol as well.

  • Thanks OP, picked up 3 for my BMW 320d - Great 1st post, much appreciated.

  • Thanks OP suits the wifes Kia Sportage so will use this when i service it next time. great price!

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    Hey OP, great find for your first post. 👍

    Just a suggestion- include that it's full synthetic in the title.

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      And the amount in litres

  • My Subaru uses a reasonable amount of oil between services this will be used as a top up, better than buying litre bottles

  • Thanks OP, Picked up 2 for my BMW 118i - Great 1st post, much appreciated.

  • Nice, bought 2 bottles to add to my Castrol Edge 5w-30 stash. This Shell Helix Ultra ECT was a higher rated oil compared to Edge back in the day, with a much higher price too. I'm surprised how cheap it is now, even if on sale. Hopefully they didn't use a cheaper formulation to achieve this price point.

    • Nope, still uses the Gas to Liquid ‘Pureplus’ process instead of hydrocracked mineral oil. Seriously good stuff, this is a bargain.

  • Brilliant thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • very nice deal. Unsure of how it compares to the Nulon 5W-30 full synthetic tho
    EDIT: 3-7 day delivery at every store near me. :O

    • +1

      Took 2 days to arrive in store.

  • Anyone else getting it at $28 on the Repco website

    • Not me, my order was cancelled by Repco Indooroopilly saying that there is no stock Australia Wide. Then why still allow people to place an order online then?

  • Product now unavailable completely on Repco website

  • Ordered 3 delivered, and got them in the standard packaging: https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/e...

  • Ordered last Thursday. Phoned them yesterday following it up and told delays due to covid and they couldn’t get to the warehouse. Just got a cancellation email. Phoned them again saying no stock in warehouse. I asked why they took my order last week when there was stock.. Er sorry cant do anything. Super cheap Auto from now on. Oh, they are also showing stock in store, apparently that’s an error.

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