MacBook Air Deals?

Hey Everyone!

My partner is looking to buy a Mac Laptop, purely for uni and general use.

Before you say it, yes, we know there are far cheaper and more effective laptops than a Mac, but it's something she's always wanted.

As someone completely foreign to Apple products, wondering if there is a good time to buy?

Black Friday deals, etc?


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    Go through the Apple educational store for ~9% discount.

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    Before you say it, yes, we know there are far cheaper and more effective laptops than a Mac,

    Anecdotally the ozbargain community speaks very highly of the MacBook Air M1 especially in university applications.

    • I would have killed for a super fast laptop with an 18 hour battery life when I was in uni, the responsiveness of these laptops is just bonkers. Plus unless it's really specialist software pretty much everything is cross platform or in the cloud these days.

      I used to use hackintosh machines a lot in the past (both laptops and desktops) because getting decent performance out of a mac was either wallet-breaking or impossible (especially desktops). Not anymore.

  • The M1 Air is the best laptop on the market for the price. It's a fantastic device. I've moved over from Windows and very happy with it.

  • It's probably a good time to buy a MacBook Air now if you need a laptop, as the Pro has just been released and the Air is not due for an update until sometime next year.

    Personally I am holding out for the Air update as that should be a pretty big refresh if you believe rumours?
    M2 chip, super-thin straight chassis, 13in screen with a minimal bezel so it has a small footprint?

    • Same reason I'm waiting.

    • The future updated M2 Air will probably cost more however. The M1 Air is one of the best price/performance laptops out there.

      • True the M1 Air is a great laptop at an awesome price.
        It's just that I can probably wait until next year and hopefully the M2 Air is not too expensive?

  • Prob have a look at the link below for indication of discounted prices. As long as your partner is using it for uni - word processing, excel and browsing, I'd put it over comparable windows devices as it'll have continued support and last longer.

  • There's normally semi regular 10% off deals at JB hifi which is probably the easiest time to buy. I don't think there's ever been a Black Friday deal that's exceeded 10% off.

    If you're super eager wait for the next JB HiFi/Good Guys/HN 10% off deal and immediately call officeworks on the phone and request a price beat which will get you 15% off (10% + 5% OW price beat). Officeworks normally update prices within around 3 hours of these 10% off sales starting however so you have to be super quick.

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    Salary sacrifice it.
    Or buy it with Apple gift cards from Woolworths or coles when they are running bonus promo.

  • Thinking exactly the same. The education store is the cheapest option but come early 2022 (which really isn’t far off) they’ll be a new thinner air with an M2 chip. I’d seriously hold off until that’s launched unless you’re desperate.

  • The M1 air shits me as it only has USB C ports.

    Runs well though

    • Sure, but what are you connecting with USB? These days I just connect wifi and use cloud to move files.

      • At the moment I am using a satechi dongle for HDMI, USB A receiver for wireless mouse/keyboard, and USB A external drive.

        • Yeah so a 7 in 1 USB-C hub dongle with HDMI would cover all that for about $20.

  • Maybe go second hand. FOMO upgraded might be getting rid of their M1 2020 models cheap.

    AOC Apple portal gives you a decent discount deeper than usual education rates.

  • Right now is the time to strike. 10% off at good guys. While office works has full prices still.

    Call 1300 OFFICE and request to do a price beat and you can get it for $1281

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