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$150 off Mattresses: King $1,299, Queen $1,099, Double $889 / $100 off Singles / Free Delivery @ Sleep Republic via Bed Buyer


BEDBUYER150 — Save $150

Size Discounted Price
King $1,299
Queen $1,099
Double $899

BEDBUYER100 — Save $100

Size Discounted Price
King Single $629
Long Single $629
Single $529

They don't seem to do the regular deep discounts that many other mattress companies do, so was pleased to find a coupon to save a bit of money.

I've been looking at mattresses again (after deciding not to keep my Emma), and Sleep Republic look like a good hybrid (springs and foam). Although I don't really trust bed comparison sites in general (they seem like affiliate marketing traps), but Bed Buyer listed as best bed in a box for the last couple years, and Choice recommended it in their last roundup in June 2021. Similar vibe to Sleeping Duck without the firmness customisation thing, at a lower price. Has the standard 100 night trial and next day delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Found via https://bedbuyer.com.au/sleep-republic-mattress/

This appears to be a long-running coupon but I couldn't find it listed elsewhere here.

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    I bought a king sleep republic last year. It was pretty good to start out with but I'm already feeling the dips a year later. We rotate it every 3 months but after a few weeks you can feel it. It's not terrible but not amazing either.

    • Mine is ordered now so I'm committed for at least 30 days before I can return…

      Looks like the warranty is 12 years and covers any visible sags/dips - is it bad enough that you've been able to try getting it replaced that way?

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        The problem with sagging is that visually it's hard to see… But when you lie on it you can definitely feel it. These guarantees are almost impossible to claim as you need a minimum sagging depth which isn't realistic to achieve. You would have thrown the bed out before.

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          The guarantee is almost impossible to claim. I suspected even if there is no spring at all, the dips will be hardly noticely due to the hybird top

    • Last mattress I bought said to rotate it once every 2 weeks in the first month then once per month after that for the life of the mattress in order to get even wear, its a good rule to follow for any new mattress. 3 months seems a very long to wait before rotating.

      • From their website. "
        You do not need to flip your Sleep Republic mattress. We have designed our mattress as a single sided pillow top with the best quality pocket spring core and pillow top contents. Rotating the mattress, top to bottom, every few months will keep it in top condition."

        I read that as every 3. Although to be honest we flip it probably more frequent than that.

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    Which Emma did you buy that you weren't happy with?

    • I have the Emma Original, bought it not long before they retired it. I don't hate it, but it's not quite right for me, and with so many options felt like I should try another one. I think a hybrid will be better, the springs should make them feel a bit softer/more responsive. Though about trying Emma's hybrid mattress but the lead time is a couple months, and there's not that long left in my trial period.

      • Yeah, i have the hybrid on order, apparently will be delivered first week of December - fingers crossed its comfy

  • i spent some time looking for a new mattress and preferred something with springs and ended up looking at this and Eva - i ended up buying an eva for a fair bit less ($875 delivered) and it's holding up very nicely (but only had it for 1.5 months so far)

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    We purchased a queen mattress from SR after reading the Bedbuyer review about a month ago. So far I would rate it quite highly and it is so much more comfortable than our old mattress that we paid significantly more for. There is no perceptible movement transferred to my partner or I when we roll over (big plus for me as I'm a light sleeper). Sides are quite firm, so sitting on the edge of the bed should not produce any sagging (another issue with our previous mattress). There are quite a few comments on Whirlpool about them which are worth reading before pulling the trigger.

    FWIW, we also looked at the Eva mattress due to it's lower price and high rating on Bedbuyer, but chose the Sleep Republic because of it's higher spring count (1850 vs 768).

  • We purchased the queen from SR and are pretty happy with it. Its been around 6 months now, no sagging issues and its so much nicer than the old mattress we had. Granted that mattress was like 20 years old or something.

  • thanks, have been looking at some of these mattress in a box options. Had considered Eva, Emma, Onebed and sleeping duck. Think il just pull the trigger and see how it goes.

  • Bought one of these, will be happy to get three years out of it.

    The main thing I consider buying a mattress is sagging susceptibility over the long run. You want it to last years but most reviews are written early in the life of the mattress.

    In my experience normal memory foam sags over the long run - that is what most mattress' in a box are made from. This has only 3cm of "gel infused" memory foam, which is apparently denser so I'm hopeful.

    Looking at reviews there are few reports of sagging (but some). Choice also recommended it.

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