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40% off Lag Tramontane 88 T88D Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought Solid Engelmann Top $249 Delivered @ Belfield Music


Comes with free Korg GA1 tuner

Free delivery Australia wide

Product Information



  • Top : Solid Engelmann Spruce
  • Strings : Metal
  • Fingerboard : brownwood
  • Nut Width : graphite
  • Bridge : Brownwood
  • Finishing : glossy varnished
  • Format : Dreadnought
  • tuning pegs : Die Cast
  • Category : Steel String Shaped Body
  • Hardware : Satin black
  • Neck : khaya
  • Back&Sides : Khaya
  • Letfty : No
  • Cutaway : No
  • Radius : 350 mm
  • Diapason : 650 mm
  • Nut Width : 43 mm
  • Nbr of strings : 6
  • Nbrs of frets : 20

General Specs

  • Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Tropical Khaya
  • Finish: High Gloss
  • Bridge & Fingerboard: Brownwood
  • Neck: Tropical Khaya
  • Frets: 20 / Silver Nickel

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  • Needs a price

  • Thanks for that :) $249

  • Alexa, play Wonderwall.

    • Thanks. All my Alexa devices are now playing Wonderwall.

  • Would anyone that knows about guitars be able to comment on the value of this deal? I know nothing about guitars and rrp's. I was looking for a nice acoustic for my partner.

    • +1

      The RRP on the guitar is $489 and the usual everyday price is $419 so at 40% off and at only $249 is is a great price. Keep in mind that this is a Solid top guitar and you will find it hard to find solid top guitars at this sale price.

    • I have the Lag HyVibe model, not this one, but can comment on their quality - which is very good. Tuner holds the tune a lot better than my other guitars (Alvarez and Yamaha), all wall mounted.

      Workmanship is top notch, and sound wise is really good.

      One negative - the wood (at least on mine) is a bit softer than I'd like which makes it very susceptible to dings if you are not careful. Learnt that the hard way when I bump the headstock to the desk and now have a chip there (battle scar my friend told me :p)

      … And just realised the deal is from Belfield Music - that's where I got the guitar from :P I am not associated with them though :p

  • Thanks Op

    Would you recommend this as a first guitar for a 9yo who wants to learn to play?

    • +1

      Hi there. As this is a full size dreadnaught this might be too big for a 9 year old.

      The guitar below would be more comfortable and suitable and is also at the same price.


    • +2

      Probably go nylon strings for a kid is new to guitar to get the fingers used to it. Steel will be much harder.

  • This one looks pretty af!

  • Looking for my son for a first guitar to learn to play, how does it compare to this?

    Available at Costco WA for $239.99

    I believe i seen this to at Costco WA - $249.99 or something like that

    • +1

      Those guitars are entry level instruments both with laminate tops

      The LAG guitar advertised is a solid top. A Solid top has a much better sound and longer lifespan and will improve the guitar as the wood matures.

  • Thanks OP.

    I'm looking to purchase a guitar for my wife who wants to learn how to play so is a beginner. Would this be a good fit or do you recommend anything else?

    • +1

      At this price point, this is by far the best value. It will work for a beginner perfectly, but also has enough to keep as an intermediate player as well.

      If you are looking for a smaller body instead you can check out the LAG T70A which has a slightly smaller frame.


  • Any synth deals, OP?

    • +1

      We sure do, what sort of synth you interested in and I can send you some links.

      • Cheers. Looking at something along the lines of a Minilogue XD.

        • +2

          The Minilogue XD is currently $999, I can give you 5% off on it and do it for $949

  • OP, any deal for a KORG B2 or similar beginner keyboard piano?

  • Not pointing out Belfield Music here specifically, but there's a recent number of musical instrument posts here lately (which I don't mind, mind you) what gives?

    • Not sure, we only post our extra extra good deals on here.

  • Can anyone link me to any reviews or details about the brand. I'm interested but can't find any information about this to judge the quality and what people think about it.

    • Lag are a reputable - if not super premium - brand who specialize in acoustics.

      OP has commented on the solid top being a bargain inclusion at this price, and a big difference tonally,

      Whilst I haven’t tested this guitar, I agree with both of those points wholeheartedly.

    • Hi, LAG Guitars is a historical French brand that until recently has had no presence in Australia. We have teamed up with a few a new local distributor and are trying to build the brand in Australia.

      All their guitars are solid top which sets them apart from the cheaper options you tend to see around everywhere. They even do some Smart Guitars which are industry leading with their LAG HyVibe range.

      Check out their website: https://www.lagguitars.com/en/pages/history

      • Have the HyVibe, incredible guitar. Agree with the quality, it's the best guitar I've got at the moment.

        For comparison, when I was going to get the guitar, my choice was either the Lag or the Cole Clark, and I still chose the Lag.

        • Ok thanks everyone for the feedback. i dont know much about guitars but i'll take a bite and go with this one. Ordered this + stands :) ty OP

  • Hi OP, you guys got any Lag T100 for sale?

  • killer price, cant get much at all with a solid top in this price range, usually looking at $300-$400

  • Any similar deals on the classical range ?

  • Is the neck on this non-glossy? Also, is the build quality up to scratch like a Yamaha FG guitar?

    • I'll check tomorrow for you, as for the build quality, yes they are very good. Same you will find with the D and G Series Takamines. Not sure about Yamaha models as we don't deal with them but they are certainly great quality build at their price point.

      • Also are these guitars good for fingerstyle guitar? Thanks

        • You can player finger style on Steel string guitars, but usually it is best suited for classical (nylon string)

    • I just checked and it is a Satin finish on the neck.

  • I understand from the comments that this is a reasonably good quality guitar. I want to learn and noticed they come in different sizes.

    Is the one in the main link I should be looking at or need to try smaller sizes too? For reference, I'm 176cm tall male :)

    Can we start off learning from YouTube like a piano? Also, do I have to buy the small triangular playing picks separately or they'll be included?

    • Yes for your size a Dreadnought will be good, the smaller body guitars are good for younger beginners to help them with the size of the guitar.

      A dreadnought has a deeper sound due to the bigger body. Again for your height i would say a dreadnought will suit.

      Yes you can definitely start learning from youtube, or there are plenty learn to play website like Fender Play which give you a 30 day trial period.

      As for the Guitar Picks they can be purchase separately, we sell packs for as cheap $3 for 5 picks. https://www.belfieldmusic.com.au/products/5-x-guitar-picks-0...

      • Thanks… Just ordered the guitar with a set of guitar picks

  • How long will this deal be available?

    • +1

      It ends tmw

  • Hi OP, any deals for left handed?

  • We don't have LAG in lefty, but we can do the this Fender for $449 for you.


  • hi Rep, thank you for being very responsive. do you have any deal with accoustic guitar that can be use with an amp? thanks

  • Got one, thanks

  • Any deals on nylon string guitars? My kid wants to start.

    • Yes we can do the LAG OC70 Classical for $329.

  • Yes we can do the LAG OC70 Classical for $329.

  • damn missed this, any chance of a similar deal in the future OP?

    • We will be having a deal of the week every Tuesday so stay tuned. If you are after a Guitar we can do the LAG T70A for $259.


      Send your email and I can send you a link to the discounted price.

      • I was kinda after the T88D. Will those deals be strictly guitars or other instruments?

        • The deals vary between instruments, guitars, keyboards, drums, etc etc

          The T88D was well below cost and we sold all the allocation from the deal. We can do another if you really want that model but it would be at $329

  • OP, I recently bought this Lag T88D. Could you please tell me what strings are stock on the guitar? Just in case I need to change strings later on.

    • Mine arrived yesterday. The Lag website says it's : "Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53"

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