PSA: You no longer have to go with Optus, Vodafone or Telstra for eSIM

Was searching for a cheap eSIM deal for my Dad who has switched from having both a work phone and a personal phone to just one phone (iPhone 12), and discovered that Optus-owned MVNO Gomo has recently introduced eSIMs.

As he doesn't need data because he will just use his work sim for that he just needs a cheap plan to allow him to call/message people with his personal number, so Gomo's 4GB (8GB for first three subscriptions) $15 plan will do.

They have a couple of good deals for those who do need data:

  • $25 for 18GB ($10 for first subscription, 36GB for first three subscriptions)
  • $35 for 30GB ($15 for first subscription, 60GB for first three subscriptions)

Saw on Whirlpool that Woolworths Mobile will be doing eSIMs too in the very near future too.
(sorry if this has already been raised but couldn't see any news about this anywhere)


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    Telstra announced they were opening it up 6 months ago, I guess it's just taken until now to actually start rolling out, probably a lot of technical work on the back end.

    Looking forward to Woolies doing it. One of the nicer 365 day plans around with the 10% off groceries.

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    Just be wary with gomo
    They have a list of approved devices for esim and if your device isn’t one of them they won’t let you use esim.
    Currently this includes the new iPhone 13 series. (Not an approved device)

    Gomo also won’t let you sim swap to a esim
    You need to sign up and set up your account with an esim which means you are excluded from some physical based sim starter pack deals.

    • Yeah also be careful loading the eSIM. Get it right the first time or its hard to get another eSIM download.

      So the Gomo app automatically tried to install the eSIM when I was making account. I didn't want to do it yet because I thought I needed to delete the old Telstra eSIM first (turns out you don't, at least on iOS). Anyway when the iPhone loaded the eSIM I thought something was wrong because it asked me twice if I wanted to install an eSIM (asked about an Gomo sim then asked again as an Optus sim - which turned out to be normal), so I tried to get out of it but turns out the phone already kinda loaded the eSIM. Deleted the eSIM config in Settings becuase I didn't get to set things up properly.
      That was a big mistake, needed a new eSIM download (as eSIMs can only be loaded once), which they couldn't easily/quickly provide. They did eventually after a few hours but needed me to buy a physical SIM from Woolworths for some reason. If I had my time again I would have just gone to an Optus store for help, which one rep said you can do.

      So yeah things were a little messy, but I'm not surprised since their eSIM offering hasn't even been going for two weeks. Support while quite nice were a bit unfamilar with the whole eSIM thing, but to be fair neither was I setting it up lol

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    Saw on Whirlpool that Woolworths Mobile will be doing eSIMs too in the very near future too.

    👍 Woolies should have eSIMs by the end of this month.

    VoLTE/WiFi calling and eSIMs for wearables should arrive next year sometime.

  • Optus $180 pack will give you more data than the GOMO $15 plan. New activation gets 100GB in total, while recharge doubles the data, so 120GB in total. Usually on sale for $150 or even less with CB. GOMO has 200GB data rollover though (Optus 50GB).

    If you prefer Telstra, Woolies Mobile, imo, would be the best bang for the buck in the next few months, early next year.

  • Hi just wanted to know if iphones purchased from Optus are locked either when purchased outright or through a plan ?
    Planning on picking the phone off someone who lost the reciept but claims it's purchased outright.

    • Tax invoice should be in email as it’s digital. You can ask for that as a proof of purchase. Outright iphones are not locked, those on repayment plan as well, iirc. Used to be locked years ago.

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    Updated the WWS mobile App, and they have announced that esim is available. Switching from physical sim to esim is easy, and it can be done in the App.

  • Disapppointed no further news about Boost esim arrival although read from internet that it was announced in the beginning of the year, also not sure if it applies to prepaid plan as most on offer atm are for monthly plan.

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