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worth the extra $35 IMO GT4000s w 100W PD RRP$276.99 NOW $185...
02/07/2022 - 20:38
Im sure there is a use case for these but cant think of one that my normal boots wouldnt be more appropriate for...
02/07/2022 - 18:42
Looks too much like my sumo I got for $650.... Personally cant see the value in paying the extra you will never get back on this.
02/07/2022 - 16:37
Not sure you are guaranteed lettuce atm
28/06/2022 - 05:25
yeah I mentioned that and they asked for details of my "friends" port in credit
24/06/2022 - 19:02
doesnt accept the second code for me.... $280 UPDATE ...its working
24/06/2022 - 17:46
I just got off the Telstra chat and they said it was impossible as they don't have access to the jbhifi plan.
24/06/2022 - 17:15
Would really appreciate those details also if possible please.
23/06/2022 - 22:16
We use the magnifica at work and they are pretty bulletproof... Wondering about reliability of this one...
18/06/2022 - 16:38
If no specific need for auto milk frothing... This or magnifica s?
18/06/2022 - 15:54
I bought an iPhone 24 from them and am still waiting for it 12 years later ( figuratively speaking)
18/06/2022 - 14:20
Yeah this is why I'm asking.... OP.can you advise what the go is here? It's saying it ships with win11
18/06/2022 - 14:07
Can you confirm these 460s and 470s support win11 and win11P respectively?
18/06/2022 - 08:45
I just want chocolate that tastes like real chocolate....
15/06/2022 - 20:31
Was looking at this but they had the GT4000 for $185 recently. I might hold off til that comes up again.
02/06/2022 - 12:08
Used these at work and can confirm they are bulletproof compared to the Dells and HPs that have since replaced them.
22/05/2022 - 10:25
Ordered the Creamy Garlic Prawn Pizza for this deal last night Only a few issues Not Creamy NO Prawns!!!! Only checked when I was home...
21/05/2022 - 15:43
Why? .... Just why?
19/05/2022 - 18:45