• out of stock

Mithai Fresh Diwali Sweets Pack 250g, $0.50 (Was $13.00) in-Store Only @ Woolworths


Not sure if pricing error but brought some, and it went through.

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  • Out of Stock - And also wondering the credibility of the 'fresh' label

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      username doesnt check out.

    • Might want to check other stores around you.

  • My wife just tried to buy these and heard from checkout staff that customers are returning these because stock is not edible or expired.

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    Those milky stuff is good.

  • Fresh Diwali Sweets Pack 250g, $0.50

    What is wrong with them?

    • not edible

      • What's the point of buying them then ??? 😕

  • Thank you. Ordered a few

  • anyone bought em tried?

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    people should buy this instead of buying prunes.hahahaha

  • Be careful with the Expiry Date !!

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