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Gainward Phoenix RTX 3080 Ti 12GB (LHR) Graphics Card $2188 + Postage @ TechFast


Cheapest 3080Ti available now in Australia. For anyone who doesn't know, Gainward are a reputable brand, usually sold into different regions…I believe they are associated with Palit.

Get it whilst they're available!

Few other cards too.

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    With the way GPU prices are going, this is a good price.

    • I was just thinking this, almost tempted to pull the trigger myself but if Nvidia bring out a 20GB version next year I'll jump on that instead.

      • Like a 3080 Titan?

        • The rumoured 3080 Super (or whatever the refresh is going to be called), some reports state it'll come with 20GB VRAM (makes sense when you start pushing 4K+ resolutions and high texture quality)

          Knowing my luck they'll be OOS so quick that I'll be queuing up for the 4000 series before long. haha.

  • I want to buy one 3080 ti so bad but I'm busy for the next 30min. Hopefully it's not OOS by then. Please leave one for me haha

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        F indeed. Just finished my meeting and it’s OOS. RIP.

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    just copped this one before this post was even posted. if you wanna buy a good gpu nowadays for a good price, techfast is by far the way to go!

    • How did you get an alert there were new GPUs or did you just happen to check it at the right time

      • +1

        i just managed to check at the right time, techfast is the only good retailer rn

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    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.. its gone

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    12gb for 3080 Ti is a bit of a joke tho

    • I agree, its almost twice as fast in 4K gaming but with only 1gb more vram.

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