Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Minalima Edition $29 + $9 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $45 Order) @ Target


This magical scrapbook presents the incredible beings beasts and creatures from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films; plus bonus art prints stickers and fun collectable inserts. From tiny Bowtruckles to enormous fire-breathing dragons the dazzling array of magical creatures in the wizarding world play a fascinating role in the Harry Potter films. Giant spiders lurk in the shadows pixies run riot and majestic Hippogriffs take flight. This scrapbook explores how movie-makers brought these amazing characters to life on-screen presenting filming secrets concept art and behind-the-scenes photography. Prepare to meet Fawkes Professor Dumbledores noble phoenix; Harrys beloved owl Hedwig; menacing mountain trolls; and even the terrible Basilisk that lurks within the Chamber of Secrets. There are profiles on all sorts of magical creatures from Fluffy the three-headed dog to Newt Scamanders Nifflers and other incredible beasts from the Fantastic Beasts film series. This unique volume takes readers on a tour of over thirty creatures including those of the Forbidden Forest the Black Lake and beyond. Brimming with bonus items including stickers posters and more Magical Creatures: A Movie Scrapbook is a must-have collectable for fans of the wizarding world.

Another great addition to add to the collection.

Take a peak inside from Wizarding World.

Booko is showing the next best price $39.99.

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  • Got mine today!

  • +1

    Hoping Big W or Kmart also stock this one at the same price! Not much stock out in western Sydney … I now have to drive 20 minutes to my nearest Target as the ones within 10 minutes both turned into Kmart.

    • +1

      Also saw this today at Big W for $29

      For those who got the first book this second one comes shrink wrapped rather then in the plastic protection sleeve

      • Ooh did you? Thanks! There's a few of those in my area I can hit up! Now to cancel my Target Click and Collect …

        Shame about the change of protection. That sleeve is preferable but I guess shrink-wrap helps people not opening it up and ruining the book.

      • the first book?

        • Yer the first book of the HP Series also has this Minalima treatment

    • +3

      Not sure about your area, but in Victoria, you can click and collect your target orders from Kmart stores.

      Just go through the order and at the section you choose which store to click and collect from, it lists out Kmart stores too. Been doing this for a few past target orders and did it this time for this order too.

      Hope it works for you.

      • I can, and I have. But there's no stock (or I bought the last copy) and I don't want to wait a week to pick it up from a Target I have to drive twenty minutes to when I can easily get it from Big W tomorrow that's ten minutes away.

        And it's not on the Kmart website either last I checked. Or in store yesterday when I checked (in case they released it early).

      • Ohhh I just realised you meant you can Click and Collect a Target order from Kmart. I misunderstood; my apologies. Wasn't an available option it seems. Maybe it's a Victorian thing.

  • +1

    Got the first one too. Thanks OP

    • First one?

      • +2

        Yeah. This is the second book in the series …

        • Ok great got both with free delivery:)

  • Are these editions limited in anyway?

    • +1

      Not really. There's plenty about. Just a nice edition if you like the MinaLima style.

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