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Reolink RLK16-810B8-A 4K NVR Kit PoE 3TB HDD 8MP UHD Bullet US$730.90 (~A$972.73) Delivered AU Stock @ Reolink AliExpress


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Best 4K CCTV System with AI
Description from previous deal:
Smart Alerts, Less trifle

Powered by smart motion detection technology, this camera can tell people and vehicles from other objects. Get alerts when suspicious person or car is loitering around your house or store. Protect your property from potential threat.

Smart Playback, Easy locate key moment

Fliter clips by person, vehicle or motion. Finding important video is much easier.
Video Playback — Recall Events and Moments

The playback feature of this NVR RLN16-410 allows you to know the whole events.
· Replay significant evidence or funny video records.
· 4-channel simultaneous playback
· You can quickly search for any event that happened at any time.
· The timer axis design under the split screen makes it convenient for you to freely go back to different days, hours, or minutes to see the events you missed.

4K Ultra HD, Better in Details

4K Ultra HD (8MP, 3840 x 2160) delivers almost 4 times clarity than 1080p. This superior kit can show the finest key details in vividness, even when you digitally zoom in so that every ambiguity in video footage you met before is cleared up.

Up to 30m night vision

18pcs infrared LEDs and advanced IR technology make Reolink RLC-810A have a long night vision distance up to 100 feet, letting you see any event clearly and accurately identify people present even in the dark.

24/7 Monitoring and Recording, NVR Never Sleeps

This 8CH 4K PoE NVR security camera system supports simultaneous live feed and 24/7 recording for all cameras. With the Reolink PoE NVR, the RLC-810A security IP camera can record every single minute of what happened. When something abnormal is detected, you’ll get notified instantly. You will never miss anything.

Re-installed HDD can Change to More Storage

RLK16-810B8-A is with a pre-installed 3TB HDD. If you want a more bigger storage, you can change the 3TB HDD to 6TB, also you can connect an extra 6TB internal HDD to NVR to expand its storage.

PoE – Easy Setup, Even for a Beginner

A real plug and play security system! It features PoE (Power over Ethernet), with a single network cable connecting each IP camera to the NVR for both power supply and video signal transmission. Easy wiring – the wiring process can’t be simpler for DIY enthusiasts and beginners.

Remote Viewing, Anytime, from Anywhere

Remotely view the ip camera via free Reolink App on your mobile device, free Reolink Client on your computer, web browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Focus on the Areas That Matter

You can mark out the relevant areas for motion detection to free yourself from false alerts. When ever motion detection is triggered, you will receive instant email alerts with snapshots and APP alarm pushed so that appropriate precautions could be taken.

Set Motion Detection Schedule for NVR

The motion detection on NVRs is enabled all the time by default, users can schedule when the motion detection will work and when not according to actual needs.

Work with Reolink Wifi Camera

RLN16-410 could work perfectly with Reolink PoE camera for 24/7 recording, motion detections, live views, playback and more features. And it also supports working with Reolink wifi camera if they are in the same LAN.

Ready for Anywhere, Indoors and Outdoor

Reolink RLC-810A outdoor and indoor ip camera has a solid aluminum body and housing, with an IP66 waterproof rating. So you can feel free to install it outdoor, like in your garage, backyard, or anywhere else. It can stand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, intense cold and heat.

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  • FYI comes with a 4mm Lens for a 60° field of view

    • No, it's H:87° and V:44°

  • these 4k ones have about 5degrees more horizontal angle than the 5mp ones, significantly less angle vertically (%).

  • +1

    how is this compared to HIK or Dahua?

  • How to get 972? I'm getting 1054

    • Same. I tried it in the morning but I got 1009. Probably USD to AUD conversion rates.

  • Been researching cameras for a while and this is the exact one I'm going to get. Just have no time to install at the moment so happy to keep waiting while it gets cheaper.
    Ticks all the boxes for home security around the outside of the house.

    • Good to know. My old swann power supply died. Rather than spending $100 on the power supply thought I’d get the best cams in market. I haven’t done much research but with 4k 8MP with AI and vehicle/human detection you can’t go wrong.

      What do you like about these cams from your research compared to other cams?

      • +1

        The human and vehicle detection. Upgradable drive. Well reviewed brand. 8 cameras, even though I only need 4 I know myself better than that and will find room for 8. Might even put one in the nursery.
        Can integrate with Synology but with a licence so I have the option of getting rid of the NVR in the future. For now I'm happy having a dedicated recording device.
        Poe so only one cable.

        In the end, good brand and priced well for the specs it offers.

        • Thanks for that. Do you know if they integrate with google or they will be down the track?

          • @bhunter101: I'm anti assistant/spyware so never considered it

          • @bhunter101: The NVR kits don't do particularly well integrated with Google. To get Google Home integration, you'd need a standalone camera, or have this NVR kit with the cameras on a POE switch I believe. Doesn't show on the Google Home app, but it's able to chromecast (haven't tried myself yet, but this is from my research)

  • Thanks, ordered. Current system is a 720p Swann which has been good, but lacks clarity obviously. My final price with store discount of 10 and coupon of 19 was $750.25 USD, paid with 28 degrees card which shows $1002.66 AUD on the statement. Not sure how or if the prices in the title are achievable…

    • I think Ali increase the price incrementally as sales go through. Smart way to ride the demand wave if a product "goes viral" aka gets shared a lot.

    • +1

      When I first posted it last night, I had it set to 1002/1009 but I think mods changed it overnight.

      • I can see it in the revisions yes, 1002.77 which is very close to what it actually cost. I wonder if the person that changed it didn't venture to the checkout and see the tax get added or something else, who knows. Shrug.

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