How to Use up The Last Few Dollars on A Gift Card?

I have a few different types of 3rd party gift cards eg Westfield’s and Aldi.

I was wondering what I need to do if I have a few dollars left on it.

What have you done with your left over gift cards ?


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    Use it as part payment on your next shop…

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      as split payment.

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    You can do part payment i.e. if item is $10 and gift card has $2, you can pay $2 from gift card and rest from debit card. Its called Part Payment or Split Payment. Ask thee cashier that you wana do split payment and he will understandd what you mean.

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      That’s not true at ALDI.

      I asked a cashier about this recently, and they said if I wanted to do split payment, I could only use a maximum of two payment methods: one payment method is EFT (i.e. debit/credit card or gift card) and the other payment method is cash.

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        Yup this is true.

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        I have never used ALDI gift cards but that not unexpected from them. Poor customer service.

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          I guess it’s their way of keeping card transaction costs down and ensuring the checkout process isn’t slowed down.

          I doubt the ALDI checkout people or the people lining up behind you would be pleased with you if you (for example) asked to use 11 gift/Visa/MC cards in one transaction, and then some cards were declined because you forgot to factor in the 0.5% Visa/MC fee for your prepaid Visa/MC gift card…

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    I’m assuming this is a result of you Zipping and Tapping lately for the 10% cashback?

    A lot of the bigger retailers will allow you to use multiple payment methods so you can burn through your prepaid EFTPOS/Visa/MC gift cards or store-specific gift cards in one transaction. Here are some examples I know of and have tried myself:

    • Coles (except for gift card purchases at a self-service checkout) - my record is 13 different gift/credit card payments in one transaction…
    • Woolworths
    • Kmart (except for gift card purchases)
    • Target
    • BIG W
    • JB Hi-Fi - someone once stated the record for the number of cards redeemed in one transaction at their local store was 63
    • Liquorland
    • First Choice Liquor
    • Bunnings
    • Dan Murphy’s
    • EG / Caltex Woolworths
    • Coles Express
    • BWS
    • IKEA
    • The Good Guys

    Keep in mind that not all merchants will accept gift cards or prepaid gift cards for the products you may be trying to purchase. For example, Woolworths’ checkouts will not allow you to use Woolworths / WISH / Essentials / Simply Groceries gift cards or EFTPOS gift cards in some circumstances.

    ALDI is also a peculiar example, as I mentioned in another comment.

    Smaller businesses (e.g. cafes, restaurants, barbers/hairdressers) are less likely to allow split payments, as they generally have higher card transaction costs and would really prefer you pay 1x $30 instead of 1x $2 + 2x $2.50 + 1x $6 + 1x $17.

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      Other than paypal, I don't think there are any payment processors charging a "per transaction" fee. All the companies I've come across are percentage rates so ti doesn't matter if it's one large transaction or lots of small ones. It's just a pain in the arse and time consuming to do lots of small ones.

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    Thank you

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