[VIC] $5 Weeknights (from 4pm) & Weekends Parking + Booking Fee at 20 Melbourne CBD Car Parks


Score $5 parking at car parks across the city. Valid weeknights from 4pm and anytime on weekends. Use code CITYPARK21 to book online or via the apps. Plan your city visit and drive in for unmissable events, new restaurants and holiday fun. From 27 October to 25 December.

Check out the map to find your nearest location at over 20 participating Secure Parking, Care Park, First Parking, Ace Parking, Point Parking and Nationwide car parks.

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    They have updated the listing to include some wilson parking locations:


    • 11 Exhibition St
    • 161 Collins St
    • 180 Russell St
    • 189 Queen St
    • 222 Russell St
    • 300 La Trobe St
    • 380 La Trobe St
    • 410 Albert St
    • 800 Bourke St
    • 90 Victoria Parade
    • Collins Place
    • Eureka
    • Flinders Gate
    • Park Hyatt
    • Riverside Quay
    • Scots Church
    • Southgate

    I was able to prebook on the wilson app and it automatically applied the promo, I didn't have to enter the code.

    • Thanks, I don’t think those are included in the map link in the OP.

  • with booking fee comes to 6.10 via secure a spot

    • Is there a way to avoid the booking fee?

      If not, the deal should say $6.10.

      • +1

        it is fixed now, it says the 1.1 booking fee is included.

  • Been gouging for such a long time, now they need the business so offering cheap parking..it's a good deal at $5 though.

    • Didn't everybody just take the cheap casino parking ?

      • +1

        Its a fair hike if youre up the other end of the city though

      • whats the cheap casino parking?

  • Also shows as $5 on Tues Nov 2nd (Melb cup day)

  • How's the city in parking at night these days? Contemplating just trying to find free on street parking for an evening 6-7pm+

    • +2

      The same as ever really, everybody tries a free spot before a Paid is my consensus.

    • From Friday with retail opening back up I can't imagine there will be many street spots.

    • Isn’t street parking paid until 8pm in the CBD?

  • +4

    Avoid Care Park and Ace Parking if you can. Parking operators are all fairly awful, but these two are ones I know to be particularly awful.

    A reminder that 'fines' from private operators like these two (their 'tickets' will be a tax invoice for liquidated damages) aren't enforceable through your State Revenue authority, and almost no one is taken to court by them for not paying. Do with that info what you will :) If it's a fine from your local council though, don't ignore those as they are enforceable.

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    Just made a booking for weekend parking. $5 with no additional booking fee charged, and allows to park up to 24 hours.
    Enter after 05:30am | Exit before 05:30am next day

    • How did u get past the fee?

      • I booked with Secure Parking, they don’t charge you booking fee after the discount code is applied .

        • +1

          Actually, the booking fee is already included in the $5.

          Total Paid* $5.00
          GST $0.45
          *Included $1.10 booking fee & GST.

  • Thanks! Booked for next week for $5.

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