Kitchen Scale Recommendations

As the title says. Kitchen scales broke. Need a new one. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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    They all some what good. I got the $15 from amazon, do its thing.

    • I know I did this exact search but it's hard these days to filter through Amazon reviews. OzB community keeping it real yo -_-

      • We talking about $15 scale here, not a BMW M3.

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    All the digital ones are pretty much the same. I bought a random cheapy off Amazon 3 years ago that's still going strong. I don't think it's something you really need to worry about getting the best of.

  • I have a basic ass Coles one that has held up fine. Digital ones are fairly easy so I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless you're making massive cakes or have heavy bowls and need one that handles extra big weight.

    Just make sure the design lets you just slap a big bowl on it and you'll be fine.

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    I would go 1:1, 1:5 sounds cutesy but it will be really annoying to cook in there.

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    If you get a digital scale, get one which uses AAA or AA batteries, not a button battery.

    • This. Mine uses button batteries and the damn thing absolutely chews through batteries.

  • Bought the cheapest Kmart scale for $9, used every day - a few battery changes in five years, though still going strong.

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    Here's the Top 10, as tested by CHOICE in September 2021
    Heston Blumenthal Precision Scale by Salter 1140AHBBKDR $90 83% RECOMMENDED

    Avanti Large Display Digital Kitchen Scale 5kgs/1g 16853 $58 82% RECOMMENDED

    KitchenAid Dual Platform Digital Kitchen Scale HK1895 $80 82% RECOMMENDED

    Beurer Wellbeing Kitchen Scale KS 54 $69 80% RECOMMENDED

    Kmart Anko Kitchen scale 41903216 $12 79%

    Kmart Anko Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale with Bowl 42616467 $16 79%

    Target Stainless Steel Digital Scales with Bowl 63547900 $20 79%

    Propert 5kg Slimline Glass Digital Kitchen Scale 1332 $39 78%

    Joseph Joseph SwitchScale $76 77%

    Salter Measuring Jug Electronic Scale 1089BKWHDR $34 76%

    • damn.. $90 for a scale is a bit much. Bought mine from Aldi for like $10

  • I got this one this year. No complaints

  • make sure you get one that doesn't need obscure button batteries. a real pain when they run out. ideally use AA or AAA

  • Are you really using it in the kitchen? If not, make sure it can measure down 0.01 grams 😊

  • Bought the Ozeri ZK14

    Super easy to use, better than anything I've bought.

    Had some garbage one previously that when you put it down it reset the clock and it was a whole process to just weigh something……why do scales need a clock!

  • Has anyone tried a rechargeable one? There was a deal for one today.

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