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OOS - Palit NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Dual 8GB Palit GPU LHR $999.95 + $5.90 Delivery @ Gorilla Gaming


OOS - Seems to be a good deal? $6 Auspost shipping fee bring total to $1005. No NZ tax as well.

(Custom value does not include freight.)

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  • I thought they still come from NZ?

    • Was given a total charge of $1005. ALso did not have a note that says it’s coming from NZ unlike the others

    • it does, states it right there in the shipping tab

      Delivery Times
      Orders ship from our fulfillment partner Mighty Ape. Their warehouse is based in New Zealand with daily flights across the Tasman with Australia Post.

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    What I bought mine for $1400 :(

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      Thats walk in to MSY and pay for it prices..

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    • you should be prepared to make a loss in the current market.

  • Not believing my eyes because of low price , purchased it straight away. Status was in stock, I even took a snip of the page.
    Received confirmation, but no order updates ever since, its been two days.
    Now, I see it has disappeared completely from their website, along with most of other cards.
    No replies from their help centre.
    Is this a fraud or false advertising?
    Anyone purchased from them before?
    Should I start legal action?

    • It’s part of MightyApe which is a super legit business in NZ. Give it a few more days to see if there’s any communication. I’ve bought one as well but I’m not too worried as I paid with PayPal and I understand that there’s a possibility there’s a high influx of orders (as everywhere else). Regarding the cards disappearing, I saw that yesterday and realised they do that if it goes OOS. If you have any updates, could you please post here?

  • Sure, and you too, please post update if you receive news.

    • Hi Dimitri, I've got a reply from them and they said they have held shipping because they had to do a manual security check as this was the first time I have purchased from them. They said they have approved it and will be shipping it out soon. Hope yours is the same!

  • +1

    just received a message that order has been shipped. Hope you're getting yours as well.
    That's a relief, as I've been stupid enough not to use PayPal this time.

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