Cygnett Prime Wireless Desk Charger (7-10 Watt) $14 C&C Only @ The Good Guys


usually goes for a lot more, available in black or white, pick up only.

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The Good Guys


  • I have heard wireless charging is only 60% efficiency of plug in?

    • I don’t know if 60% is right (might even be less) but it is very slow compared to plug in. Best for overnight charging only.

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        I honestly don’t see the benefits of wireless charging other than in a pitch black environment not needing to look for the charging connector? With plug in I can use it while charging especially when charged with a power bank.

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          Laying in bed I agree, I just have a 2-3m long cable.

          But I've found it great if you work at a desk, just being able to pick it up / put it down without thinking and also being able to see it has its uses.

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          Such a first world complaint, but I find it so annoying to look for my charging cable and plug it in when I’m so tired. With a wireless charger, I just smack it on there and I’m done

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          No worn out or damaged charge port.
          No damaged cables from constant handling.
          Slower charging of battery less damaging.
          Easy to locate in the dark.
          Always On Displays in a readable position.

          • @Quarn: Isn’t it heat that damages the batteries nothing to with efficient or not? If the wireless charging pad is hot it can still damage the batteries? I have been using the same lighting cable and charger for 4 years shared with 4 devices and occasionally use power bank and have no issue with damaged cables etc handled carefully.

          • @Quarn: This

      • If the long charge is for the purpose of battery efficiency. Alternatively can you a cable not made by the phone brand?

      • Which is why I love these type of wireless chargers.

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    I read bad reviews about it. Not working with cover, stopped working.

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      I straight up know this bad boy is gonna be slow, but I was getting sick of the 15W wireless chargers getting mad heat and being noisy with active cooling fans. So I guess my needs are a compromise between terrible charging rates over silent convenience.

  • Just bought one, thanks OP!

    I tried making making my own charging box but it keeps losing charge after 5-10 seconds. This is exactly what I was looking for

  • Can we charge without taking a case off?

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      depends on the case

  • I have this case probably don’t work with this type?
    SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for iPhone SE 2nd Generation

    • If it's as thick as the product name you gave us, then no chance.

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