Best Option Low-Profile Keyboard with Bluetooth (~ $120)

Looking to buy a keyboard for Xcode on the mac but also would like to use it for standard PC desktop typing.
One option that look great but over my budget would be the Logitech mx keys (~$200)
The keychron K1 version 4 looks good too but would appreciate any advice!
Looking to avoid blue and membrane keys. Brown or red should be good though!


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    I have K1 version 4 very happy with it for the price.

    • How much did this cost you? Where did you get it from?

      • I bought a K2v2 brown from pccasegear a month ago. Very fast shipping. Reliable.

        Keychron is a popular brand for good reason. You might get better value in another brand, but there's no doubt you'll get a above average product.

      • I bought it direct from Keychron from memory was $130ish.

    • I'm using this too (TKL version), and very happy with it.

  • Apple's own Magic keyboard? $139

    • Ah I should have said but I’d like a number pad. This is actually $180 considering this

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    Definitely get the MX Master Keys if you can. Such a great keyboard - - $180 isn't too bad.

    I thought I wouldn't like it but I love it and with the MX Master 3 mouse, its a great combo.

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      Last MX Keys deal was $130ish? So very close to budget. Has Mac symbols as well which (I assume) will be handy when switching between assorted devices

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