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[PC, Steam] XCOM 2 Collection A$13.37 & 12% off All Games @ GamersGate


Use code GG-AUSSIE to save 12% and bring the price down to the lowest ever!

The code applies to ALL games on the website, so feel free to spam it. It only works with 1 item in cart though.

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  • ATL?

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    Great deal on a great game. Upvoted

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    Spent a lot of hours in the XCom series! Roll on XCom 3

  • +3

    Buy this game at any cost, and at any price. Inspite of it being a buggy mess with the worst performance ever, it's still my favourite game last generation.

    • a buggy mess with the worst performance ever

      Is it though?

      • +2

        Are you expecting me to say anything other than 'yes'?

  • I played these on Xbox. Probably one of my most played games. Frustrating that they still have many bugs though.

    • ..You negged the deal because it's a singleplayer game with a difficult-to-accidentally-trigger bug/exploit which makes it easier?

      edit: nvm I see your comment further down

      • I revoked it because I did get the code and there is a discount involved.

  • How long is the code valid for?

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      If you have to wait until payday to buy a $13 game perhaps just skip it altogether.

    • Deal says 1st Nov

      • +1

        The deal expires on November 1st, but the code itself has no expiration date. You can get a 12% discount on anything, really

        • Fantastic, good to know!

  • does this mean that we need to buy the Xcom 2 base game as well and this is just an add-on?

    from the 'About Game' page:
    This content requires ownership of both the base game XCOM 2, and the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion to play.

    • +3

      When activated it on steam it gave me XCOM 2, alien hunters, anarchy's children, reinforcement pack, resistance warrior pack, shen's last gift, and war of the chosen.

      • Thanks for sharing… purchasing now

      • 1 key? or separate keys?

  • anyone else having the same issue with not being able to checkout? it just keeps on refreshing and landing on the checkout page for me

    • gave in, registered on the site, and managed to check out on the third attempt after registration.

      • Hi!

        Could you please DM us some more details about this issue? Specifically your browser, your email and what exactly happened when you tried to check out?

        We'd be incredibly grateful and send over a special promo code for you!

        • sure, sending a dm now

  • -1

    I paid them and it says my order is being manually reviewed. No code. Are these guys legit? Luckily I paid with PayPal, but the hassle probably isn't worth the $1.80 saving

    Your order has been selected for manual review.

    This means that a member of our staff is now going through your order to check if everything is alright. It usually doesn't take long, but in exceptional cases, such as a holiday, a personal emergency, an alien abduction or a witchcraft session gone wrong, it may take up to 24 hours.

    GamersGate MR

    MR is not good, not good at all. You can call it a history and you are right but we use this tool to ensure the security for the customers, us, and the publishers..

    • +1


      Could you PM us your order ID? We'll sort it out in no time!

      • So I did eventually get the code. You don't get an email notification - you have to click on the confirmation email a few times until the status changes. Whilst it's annoying, you do get the code.

    • I had this happen recently despite being a long time customer. It's not a big deal.

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