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$10 off Red Rooster: $10.01 Minimum Spend, Card Payment Only @ Menulog


Got this on my for you section,
Min spend $10.01.
CC payments only

edit 28/10 : New code RRLUNCH ( credit to NotBritishorUK for the code)

(mod: additional code added, removed expired code AJZ9-QUJN)

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  • +1

    I have it too, not sure if it's targeted

    • Heads up guys you don't need a credit card.
      I used debit

  • Is it same code for both of you

    • +1

      That's my code

      • Received, same code. Perfect time to combine with the CBA offer.

        • well done, detectives :)

  • +2

    I got this but my local "isn't taking orders right now"?! It's 12.10pm…

    • Same here

    • Same here…

    • works now, but delivery only

    • Same for me in mobile app, I was able to order through web for the same restaurant though.

    • They do the "isn't taking orders right now" during peak times when all the Menulog delivery drivers are out on the road.

  • -1

    awesome ! thanks

  • Worth a re-try. Disappointed the last time. 6 piece fried chicken for $6.95 pickup.

    • How did you get that? With the service fee and delivery charge, my 6 piece fried chicken came out to about $10.

      • +1

        pickup. Was displeased the last time I got this delivered.

  • +1

    Yes!!! I was looking for an excuse to use Menulog for the Shopback $15 voucher challenge

    • does using vouchers on menulog disable shop
      back thou

  • still working here

    • I am not sure what is the issue with time ozbargain. I had added expiry for 2pm AEST. But shows expired already. I have now removed the expiry.

  • +1

    Just bought a BBQ bacon burger for 0.95c.

    • Did you do pickup ?
      None near me does pickup, therefore it's at least a few more dollars more for me.

      • Yes.

  • +1

    that app and service is so crap now that $10 credit still isn't worth the hassle. both my last 2 orders never showed up and customer service refused to refund for hours claiming it's still on the way. When they did, they tried to push menulog credits instead of refund. far from a simple process.

  • Are delivery and service fees not included in minimum spend? Would work when item price is below $10 but not in a $10.94 cart with delivery + service fee included

    Edit: cart total has to be $11+ to apply for $10 discount
    Thus can order large fries and dipping sauce for $1.18 or snack sub and dipping sauce for $1.44. Welp.

  • +1

    Code still valid for me

  • Ordered for lunch tomorrow. Code definitely still working and not expired. Thanks.

  • New menulog customer here, would 15% cashback apply? Anyone?

  • 10 buttermilk wings for $3.45

    Thanks OP

  • Says Voucher has expired for me

  • +8

    VPJX-4KGB. Gogogo!

    • Does this work on anything or just red rooster?

      • -2

        Yeh, anything. RR, Dan Murphys, Myer, JB hi-fi, you name it.

    • This worked for me, thank you my man!

    • I'm gonna try grab 2 orders at the same time.

      • Oof feeling fat.

  • +2

    What the hell is this 'Service Fee" for, $1.79 for no reason? looks like 10%, it's not a public holiday, or weekend, and deliver is 1.99 already, so what the?

    • +1

      It's so they can charge you more. Even on top of the inflated prices

    • +3

      What I hate about Menulog is there's a 10% service fee and then delivery is $2-$3 more unless you spend $15/$20+ on top of the inflated prices restaurants have to charge because of Menulog's commission fees. Of course by spending more to negate the higher delivery fee, it just gives you a higher service fee instead.

      Seems a bit ridiculous.

    • +3

      @jackson. It's a bs charge that middlemen companies like uber eats and menulog have added as a way of increasing revenue and profits

      • +1

        Bring back DeliveryHero!!!

  • Will this work in conjunction with the Commbank cash back offer?

    Ie. If I spend $50 - (this voucher) = $40 spend on my card. Then receive $30 cashback.


    • +1

      commbank cash back works as long as the transaction is more than $40

      • Thankyou

  • Thanks, Op.

  • Worked with Paypal for me.

  • Got a snack sub delivered for $1.90
    Trying to cut back on spending but this won’t break the bank too much I suppose

  • Voucher has expired

    • Same here :( Missed out!

    • Same

    • It was a lunch special running from 11am - 2pm

      • Hopefully it comes back tomorrow!

    • Preempted this and ordered for dinner!

  • +5

    I’ve just opened and it has an RRLUNCH code and works each day till 2 November

    $10 Off Lunch!

    Enjoy $10 off Red Rooster between 11am to 2pm today! Use code: RRLUNCH at checkout.* Only on Menulog!

    *Service fee apply. Valid on orders between 11am - 2pm only. Offer expires 02.11.2021. 1 redemption per customer. CC payments only.

    • RRLUNCH just worked even though it's 9:49 local here (sydney)

      2 pineapple fritters plus sweet and sour dipping sauce, delivered = $1.47

      Good soup!!!

      • Works for me too even though I redeemed one yesterday

    • I don't have it in my "For You" section but codes work. Wonder if it'll work daily till 2/11 or only 1 redemption per account…

      • Sounded like it would work daily, but alas two days straight I've tried and no luck

  • +2

    Why did Red rooster change their strip's? The strip sub was the only good thing on the menu and they changed to a new "tender" type and it sucks.

    • My local atm still has the same ones I've always known.

  • Got a Rippa Roll + Herb Mayo dipping sauce for $0.49 pickup, thanks

  • 50 mins and still no driver assigned. Leshgooo

  • +1

    VDYR-T99M - WA. 😎

  • Still works for me

  • Used it just now to order for dinner tonight, combined with commbank spend $40 get $30 back. Super cheap dinner for the family and a night off cooking and cleaning for me, thank you

  • RRLUNCH: "this voucher is not valid for this restaurant"

    Edit: nevermind it works. I was using it on the red rooster fried chicken variant restaurant

  • Min spend has increased to $20.

    • +1

      Oof, good thing I got my our 2x accounts (wife & I) about an hour before this. 50c rippa roll and flayva wrap

  • Wow, suddenly all the red roosters near me stopped taking orders, only one available and that too taking only delivery orders. What is happening here?

    Menulog mobs are useless lol, not worth the time especially on friday eve

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