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[Pre Order] Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6800 XT 16GB Video Card $1699 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ BPCTech


Seems like a "good deal" under current conditions. Please note, this is a pre-order, and I was unable to get an ETA, so please use your own judgement.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


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    Would not consider if there is no ETA.

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      Yeah agreed. Not a bad deal if eta was known. Price still sucks though, lol. God damn miners.

      • not just miners, retailers also upping their profit margin. Stock is no longer an issue, there are plenty of cards to buy. so just matter of time they have to consider the price when stocks are not moving at this price. Now is the time to HODL lol

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          Do we know if the retailers are meeting high prices from distributor though? Like if they're paying $1300 cost for this card, you can't place the blame on them for sticking on GST and a 20% margin. But if they're back to paying $800 a card and flipping them for double, then they're absolutely culpable.

          • @Erwark:

            absolutely culpable

            Of what? Charging as much as you can is how the free market is supposed to work.

            • -2

              @Diji1: Culpable of reinforcing the inflated pricing - I thought that was obvious.

              At no point did I say it was illegal, but it's still a dick move.

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                @Erwark: You wouldn't be saying that if you were running a business that sold graphic cards.

                • @TilacVIP: I mean my original post defended the practice of putting a healthy margin on. Be that 40, 60% whatever.

                  I never claimed retailers were applying excessive markup and I'm sure most of them are just running a business.

                  Only that I believe there comes a point, independent of the supply-demand equilibrium point, at which you start to breed bad faith. Eg. scalping.

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              @Diji1: yeah, most gamers seem to have no idea how the market works. They get really upset if you say you're going to buy a card to mine with it too.

              These are the same people who complained about toilet paper being scarce but would be horrified if the price went up to a level where companies were incentivised to make more toilet paper.

        • Stock is no longer an issue

          Surely this is only due to the high prices though? Retailers/scalpers have found the sweet spot where they're moving product at a more consistent rate. Drop the prices to RRP and we'll be out of stock again.

          • +3

            @Llampy: yes! absolutely demand is high. hence they can inflate the price. So the best thing here is just not to contribute to the demand. But sadly lots of people are giving in and feeding the inflated margin lol. Let's how many negs I can get by pointing out the truth haha

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              @madska: You will know when more people are "not" giving in if and when the time comes.

  • Call for ETA

    hmmm anyone tried?

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      Called about a month ago for this card and they didn't have an ETA. Hasn't changed since

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        thats kinda scammy ngl. so you can pay for 1.7k and wait indefinitely long-price may well have gone down by then…

  • Hmm…. so i sell my rx 6600 xt for how much? Then buy this?

    • -1

      $200 to me.

      • ok

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          And thus was formed a binding contract.

        • -1

          Lol I'll take you up on it if your actually keen. Still rocking a 7950 haha

  • Bit pricy

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      I heard that Luke @ techfast selling cheaper, no mini version though

      • Where did you hear that?

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          I have a friend who knows a friend that heard a friend of him say something about that, but in very angry tone.

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    It has been this way for ages - it's not in stock and probably won't be.

  • I got my 3070 from them on pre-order. It took ~3 wks to be delivered.

  • A very good deal. I made a comment about a 3080 at the same price yesterday. I think this could be a slightly better deal.

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    No stock, no eta, no deal.

  • wish I got mine from the harvey norman deal T_T

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      It was a scam. I pre-order 2 mins after pre orders opened up, paid in full ,after waiting 7 months I got refunded automatically and got a automatic email saying "we at Harvey Norman could not care less about our costumers"


      Avoid Harvey Norman at all costs.

      • +2

        Yeah I'm done with Harvey Norman. They're the reason we now have gst on items under 1000 bucks imported. Even though it cost the government money on that little gst.

  • I saw some one posted quality of cards by manufacturers starting with Sapphier, Asus, Gigabyte etc. Can someone fill me in on best manufacterer to worst in terms of the usual suspects?

    I think Sapphier is the best right?

    • I'd say Sapphire, Powercolor and XFX are the best

      • Wow things have changed a lot if Powercolor is a premium brand now

      • MSI Gaming X Trio models?

    • I'd lean towards ASUS and Gigabyte but it's a bit of a tossup usually. Each vendor usually has multiple tiers of "performance" (tiers being more fans, heatpipes, possible liquid cooling etc.) and they aren't all consistent in terms of bang for buck.

  • No ETA then I wouldn't trust this. A decade ago I ordered a 8800 GT from i-Tech. By the time they got stock the 9800 GT was out and the prices had dropped. They wouldn't cancel order or offer partial refund to reflect new price (updated before they shipped). Never buying i-Tech again. Never buying no ETA.

    • i-Tech and BPCTech are different companies.

      • True but this isn't uncommon.

      • Yes, I mentioned the company name to avoid confusion, but the experience is still true and can apply to any company. Others are already reporting similar issues/concerns too.

  • -2

    Dear Customers,
    Thank you for all your interest in this product. After double checked with PM, this model "Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6800 XT" is no longer available at all our suppliers. Latest alternative model is SE version. Please refer to https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/11304-01-20g-sapphire-nit....
    For people who already placed order and paid, we will contact them one by one and negotiate to offer them a mystery replacement.
    Do not forget to browse on our website and looking for other great deals. Happy Hunting!

    Check our latest quality build system´╝Ü https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/kp-ps-essentialgaming-se-...

    This system will be dispatched within 3 business days!


    BPC Tech

    • +3

      "Mystery replacement"? That doesn't sound good.

      Will you honour the price paid & tier level of the card for those who have already paid?

      • +3

        Mystery replacement = mini variant

      • +2

        Hi Mini Myna,

        This is Ben from BPCT. I am the PR Manager.

        Sorry for my colleague posting such a misunderstanding message under your post, but trust me, this is not what he or we expected.

        The mystery replacement he mentioned is MSI RADEON RX 6800 XT GAMING X TRIO, which we will have this model in stock next week. Somehow he wants to make it sound a bit 'surprising' as Halloween is coming, therefore using the term 'Mystery replacement'.

        I've confirmed with all the team regarding this product listing details, and now I would like to confirm with you regarding certain facts. It would be appreciated if we could make things clear.

        First of all, when you post 'pre-order' the product, it's not in a 'pre-order' stock status but listed as 'Call for ETA'. However, customers still can add the product to the shopping cart.

        I confirmed this stock status with the product manager responsible for the PC components. Would you please correct me if the product page shows you a different stock status at that moment?

        We have seven orders that came into our sales system before ITteam noticed significant traffic from ozbargain.com to this product URL.

        PM then changed the stock status to sold-out because this model had already been discontinued and replaced with the SE model.

        Later asked my colleague to reply to your post.

        As my colleague explained above, we will contact the customer who placed & paid the order before cancelling the order.

        Only one order's payment passed through, our sales Dennis contacted the customer around 7 PM, got confirm with the customer, then cancelled the invoice and started to process the refund.

        Six orders have been cancelled directly. Three orders, the payment method set as 'Cash on Delivery. And other three orders had no payment come through the ANZ egate.

        But I did notice customers mentioned under this post claiming their order has been cancelled without notice.

        Don't hesitate to contact our sales& customer service team through FB/Tele, and we will help you regarding your cancelled order and offer you alternatives.

        Apologies again for the reply, which result in an unnecessary misunderstanding for all of you.

        It's been a long time since the last post, so glad to see we still grab people's attention, and we appreciated all your suggestions and criticism for helping us improve.

        The promotion season is coming. Happy shopping, guys.

        BPC Team

    • +2

      Why my order has been cancelled without any notifications?

      • Same here, and cancellation reason is stated as "Customer requested cancellation". This is the second time this dodgy baboons have pulled this crap on me.

        • +1

          Hi bumbandito69,

          Would you mind telling us your order number regarding this GPU and your last order number through a private chat?

          Do let me apologise first if what you are saying is true.

          Our system back will indicate which sales processed your orders, and then we can investigate.

          Looking forward to hearing from you.

          BPC Team

      • Hi Zlasuka,

        Can you send your order number through a private chat? Our sales team will contact you to help you with the order.

        Or you can contact us through FB/Email/Tele.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        BPC Team

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      screaming very loudly like a
      bait and switch

      • +2

        So not only do this lot pull the bait and switch on prebuilts they're at it with preorders too lmao.

      • +1

        I'll do it for you.


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    lmao had a horrible experience at BPC tech, that comment just says it all really

    • -1

      Hi Ignited141,

      As you are using the same ID in google review, I believe we've already discussed your issue on FB Messenger after we replied to you on google.

      We explained to you through FB and We can offer you an express shipping label and process a full refund asap once we receive the GPU.

      And on top of that, we would like to offer you another AUD 50 no limit coupon to use on our website.

      We haven't received your message since then.

      We do understand you looking for us to price match with PLE RTX 3080TI https://www.ple.com.au/Products/646723/eVGA-GeForce-RTX-3080..., offer you a $200AUD refund directly instead of a return then refund.

      However, as I explained in the FB Chat, we can't do a price match with retailers who don't have stock on hand, especially after purchase.

      If this industry does allow this policy, we can list an Apple M1 laptop for $999 but mark stock status as sold out, then ask other retailers for a price match.

      Our customer team is always online on FB and ready to help you, but we hope you understand we do have our policy to run the business.

      BPC PR Manager

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    This is a very bad move for a savy site like OZB….lol….bait people and later say sry no ETA no stock and no…..etc

  • +2

    wow…..this smells stinky with the bait and switcheroooo!

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