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Imagine thinking that supply and demand doesn't affect price over time.
28/02/2021 - 22:07
It's an assertion that you didn't back up. My assertion is objectively true. Big difference. Maybe try some reason and logic training...
20/02/2021 - 21:05
Nice, I got some 5W-40 from Repco on the weekend for under $30.
26/10/2020 - 23:30
@wrjcu well that certainly makes things awkward for these guys......
20/10/2020 - 22:15
And here we go with the goalpost shifting. LMAOOOO
20/10/2020 - 22:14
You missed the word organisers. They are trained marxist organisers. Don't believe me? Find the video of them saying exactly that. You...
20/10/2020 - 22:13
So you're going to continue to avoid providing anything but personal attacks and baseless claims and you want me to go target someone else?...
20/10/2020 - 22:10
Do you have proof of that or are you just spouting what you saw someone say on facebook? Sorry about triggering your cognitive dissonance.
20/10/2020 - 20:33
Unfortunately you have no evidence of that so it's most likely that you're projecting. Why don't you stop with the ad hominems and actually...
20/10/2020 - 20:26
I can't believe the amount of filthy marxist sympathisers on here. That and the amount of truly uninformed people is amazing to me.
20/10/2020 - 19:44
BLM leaders are trained marxist organisers. It's a bit of a shock to see so many obviously uninformed people on this site.
20/10/2020 - 19:30
Is the 4a grippy enough without a case? I've had OnePlus phones for a while and I hate how slippery they are which is the only reason I...
22/09/2020 - 20:33
LMAO I saw this and then scrolled down to see an ad for this for $50. Saved the image if anyone wants to use it to pursue some justice here.
31/08/2020 - 21:52
Can I hang this off the bottom of a wall swivel mounted TV?
27/08/2020 - 20:09
My physio has one and yeah, it's definitely good. It gets into your muscles well and you can feel it afterwards.
26/08/2020 - 21:27
Picked up a silver and some of the blades. Thanks OP.
19/07/2020 - 19:57
Black one is saying sold out when I go to check out.... Damn
19/07/2020 - 19:49
40% off is good but the shipping for 1kg of stuff is $20 and will take 7-10 days. That's a deal breaker.
11/07/2020 - 18:41
Lol, for sure. About a thousand dollars worth of crappy diamonds arranged in a way that makes them worth even less than the individual...
12/02/2020 - 20:56
Thanks OP, pulled the trigger on the $499 one ($520 with handling and delivery). Been on the look out for a while and am glad I held off...
21/01/2020 - 21:38
Are they easy to find or do you need to do a lot of searching to find them? I haven't seen any.
17/12/2019 - 21:49
What does everyone use ebay plus for? I ended up with a subscription after I forgot to cancel the free month which I got for a discount on...
17/12/2019 - 20:04
Listing has this without touchscreen. Could be a deal breaker for me but thanks OP, pretty tempting.
03/11/2019 - 17:52