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$6 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog (4pm-8pm Local Time)


Only works for the restaurants that deliver themselves (not delivered by Menulog). You can use the filter to search for ‘Delivered by Restaurant’


  • You can pick your order up, to avoid paying delivery & service fee.
  • Valid only between 4pm-8pm local time, but you can preorder the next day at most restaurants.
  • One order per code, multiple codes may work for you if you want to make multiple orders.

ACDT: H439-CZBM (thanks to hamza23)
AWST: 7R3B-VDRQ (thanks to nmcc08)

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  • -1

    If it's deliver by restaurant, I'll just call the restaurant direct and skip the expensive middle man.
    I prefer to support small business, they've been smashed these past 2 years

    • +4

      You can do that but then you won't get $6 off your order.

      • Prices on delivery services are also usually 20% or more higher.

        So it would probably even out and the restaurant gets their fair cut.

  • Ordered a meal last time and they couldn't find a driver in a hour and I had to cancel the order…….

    • +1

      That's why it's best to pick up your order as well as saving on the delivery fees.

  • +2

    7R3B-VDRQ - WA.

  • Nothing for NSW?

    • NSW is AEDT, same as VIC
      QLD is AEST

  • +2

    Thanks so much - don't know why this isn't getting more upvotes.

    Picked up a marinara pasta $18 for $9.30 because restaurant already had 15% off…

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