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[VIC] Telstra Mobile Plan 80GB $69/Month for 12 Months + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi (Melbourne Locked Down Stores Only)


Note this deal is only for locked down stores in Melbourne and you need to call the store to sort it out over the phone.

It is listed on their system.
It may expire Thursday or Friday 6 pm as I heard 2 differing dates.
Call to check.

note. any questions call the store directly. numbers are lusted on the website.

You get the $500 go. Regional Victorian stores which are open give only a $400 gift card.
Regional locked down stores may offer $500 possibly too.
Anyway call to check but be fast as it drops to $400 very soon

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  • Do they have a $900 for $99 dollar version?

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      no idea. call them

  • Used to be $59/month last year.

    Guess inflation has something to do with it.

    • might be when u try to get $20 back per month by contacting telstra. can still do that on rare occasions. see the $400 post

      • Am I correct in interpreting that to be $59/month and a $400 gift card? Couldn't find the post

  • Website shows $300 only.

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      as per info above u need to phone them. sum1 rlsr posted recently about the $400 deal which runs out soon too

      • Thanks, just called them and now they are offering $300 gift card which matchs the online deal. Maybe not a good time, thanks anyway.

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          ask them to check their system. the $400 runs till about the 29th and the $500 finishes very soon. the $300 is wrong

  • Is there any lockdown regional stores anymore?

    • maybe shapparton? not sure

      • I live in Shepp and we are all open haha

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    Has it been confirmed that they closed the loophole where if you already have an existing Telstra contract,
    you could open up a new service for the gift card then portt over your old number & close the old contract?

    • yeah, cannot even do it from boost

      • Are you sure about this? I am thinking about moving from boost.

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          Maybe have to do the old port out and port back in again

    • I'll know in a day or two. I asked Telstra to close my old month to month (no contract) number and use that number on the new contract I just signed. They put in the request without any issues and said it will take up to 72 hours…Whether it goes through or not is another question.

      • Please let us know. Thanks heaps!

        • Just wanted to update that it went through just now meaning that I have a my old number on my newly signed plan. Had some hiccups but eventually worked and got compensated 10,000 Telstra plus points for one of the longer messaging sessions.

      • Any update on this? Thanks

        • Nope no changes as of yet. I might try to contact them on Monday. I think if it doesn't work I'm just going to convert my old number to an esim since the Pixel 6 Pro does have support for it.

          • @jt90: Would this not mean you are paying for 2 plans?

            • @JaeTee: Yes that is correct. There was a little hiccup but it was completed today. It takes about 12-24 hours to get your current number disconnected but they had some issues porting it but eventually went through.

      • Sounds promising! Did it go through?

        • Yes just now! Took 1 initial enquiry plus 2 follow-ups.

      • Update: This eventually went through and also want to add in that no new SIM is required to change numbers. The agent will make the change then will ask you to restart your phone which you will then test the number.

  • So it’s listed on their system for only select stores in Victoria that are in lock down? Any idea why not offered to wider company like QLD or WA?

    • call jb and ask. i dont work for them so no clue. it might b available call snd ask.

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    I pay $30 per month telstra

  • Same deal in NSW (Chatswood Westfield), in store. I got a Pixel 6 pre-order, so I got the $500 off the phone plus the Nest Audio from Google.

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      was it a $500 gift card or $500 off pixel pre-order?

      • Not OP, but did preorder a pixel yesterday. Technically both. The creation of the contract gets you a $500 gift card which they activate at the counter and apply straight onto your purchase. Can't see why they wouldn't let you pay full price for the phone then keep the voucher if that's the way you wanted to run it…
        Since the voucher is part of the terms of your new Telstra contract, there's a clause about needing to repay a certain portion of the voucher as well as remaining months if you cancel early.

      • sorry for the confusion…

        Telstra 12-month plan (port in) for $69/month gets you the $500 gift vouchers that were then used to pre-order the Pixel 6. Exactly what @Dizz described in his reply.

  • Does this include current telstra customers or just port ins?

    • port in or new number. iu csn already have a trlstra number and it hrlps the signup process to hsve a telstra account.

  • OP, are you calling the stores inside metro Melbourne or the 1300 number on the JB website?

    • call the stores directly. each store has their number listed on the website. eg csll csmberwell on the camberwell number.

      • Cheers. Will ring around my locals tomorrow.

  • Maybe provide name of store and phone number you called and maybe staff members name as if its all done via phone shouldn't matter which store you call

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      ballarat and south wharf knew the deal without sny prompting. its on the system. they like u to submit a request thru the services section of the website and they will call u back. they may need u to call them to answer the msg though as not many staff.

  • How will they know where I'm from?

    • gps

    • you need to go in a few days later to pick up sim. may need address on drivers licence. i dont think they cate where u live as ling as you phone up a locked down store and sign up thru them

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    Telstra was awful for me. I was on Optus for a good 15 years and finally made the move for a "better coverage". I rarely got usable coverage at home, echo in calls at work and absolutely nothing at my sons school.
    To the point where Telstra paid my last 4 billing cycles rather than trying to fix my issue.
    First month back on Optus and couldn't be happier. Everything is back working as it should….. 500 bucks though… I'm a sucker for $500… Do I dip my toes in again?

    • Don't do it mate, I had a very similar experience.

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    in most areas telstra reception is better plus this deal is for 6g. optus and voda 5g suck. if u dont want 5g u may b better off with belong amaysim etc. telstras customer service is awful though

    • ahh thats why i got no service…my Telstra was giving me 6G meanwhile we are rolling out 5G across the world.

  • Can I just purchase a 2$ prepaid sim tomorrow and port it to Telstra and avail of this promo?
    By the way, i have an existing telstra mobile service and the 12 month contract just expired yesterday.
    Got that from the same JB Hi Fi Telstra deal last year.

    • must be 30 days out of Telstra/Boost/Belong.

      • Oh okay, thanks. I ended up porting my son's coles prepaid (seldom used) which is about to expire in 21 days anyway. Now my dilemma is what should I do with my current Telstra service with an expired contract just 3 days ago (it is my primary point of contact). Thinking of porting it to Kogan Prepaid Mobile 90 Days 60GB $14.90 then gradually moving to the new ported Telstra service as my new primary point of contact.

        Thinking of trying the "change on fnn" hack and cancel my service with expired contract..

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    Which store did OP call? I will call that one.

    • that sensible, but need to pick up the sim later.

      • Prahran and south wharf. Most should do it but they may need to check the system

  • Does anyone know whether if you sign up to seperate mobile and mobile internet plans through jbhifi with the same person at the same time whether they need to do two credit enquirers or if they can do just one?

    I would like both but don’t want to take the double hit on my credit file.

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    I am starting to hate these selected deals from JB HIFI
    Before they offer deals before where most of Australia could not go into a store to get it because of lockdown
    Now selected areas like Melbourne Metro.

    • Apartheid! Next it will only be for the faxed!

  • Called the store, didn't go ahead with the plan as JB confirmed that you can not add Telstra 10$ international calling pack to these JB plans.(69$ and 99$).
    On a side note, the store offered a 1000$ gift card for the 99$ plan which effectively becomes 89$pm with 10$ port-in credit pm for 24 months

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    So, here's how it's gone for me:
    I called my local JB and asked for the mobile team. Head of mobile team asked me to fill in a Request a Callback form - follow the link within. From there they call back and will arrange over the phone. They wouldn't do the transaction off a cold-call; and would'nt call back without filling out the request form.

    Things that they disclosed in this first phone call:
    1) They asked how long I was with my current provider (AGL 3-months free for 32 days)
    2) They asked if I was on pre-paid or post-paid)
    3) The rep at my store clarified the current T&Cs and the $69/month plan does indeed include a $500 JB HiFi gift card. In the notes it says that reps are to encourage buyers to use the $500 GC on a Google Pixel 6. I immediately told the rep that I was encouraged by the notion of using the gift card for said phone. The Gift Card is not bound to handset usage only.
    4) They said they'd call back later today/early tomorrow and sort the rest out over another phone call. Remember to have your account number handy for your existing account.

    From this experience, I would definitely call the 'local' JB first to check that the store's team is well abreast with how the process should work.

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      i know they are trying to help with sales of the google pixel 6, but no one wants that garbage, lol. can i use it for an iPhone?

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    I called up JB-hifi Chadstone, they said it's 69 bucks for 80 gigs data and $500 gift card ONLY if you purchase the new Pixel 6. If you go for any other purchase, it's 400 bucks. I guess it depends on each store and what offer they have on the table around this deal.

    • Probably go to another store. I am picking the SIM up later today and there was no mention of Pixel 6 with the gift card during the phone call.

      • how did you go with the gift card?

    • Not sure why you were told NO. I submitted a call back form today morning, got a call just now. He initially said it’s only available to be used against pixel phone. I told him I am referring to Ozbargain forums and other stores are honouring this deal. He immediately said all good, and he will honour it. I remember this guy’s voice and he is a nice person to deal with, as I have got similar deals from him in the past in-store and he surely recognises Ozbargain. Try again and hopefully you will be treated better..

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        I picked up my sim and $500 from prahran today. It’s not tied to a pixel. There’s a big blurb on their system messages that explains the lockdown deal

  • do they currently check if you've been out of telstra for more than 30 days?

  • can you still get $10pm credit? is it for port-in or new?

    • Managed to get $10 p/m credit for 6 months. Doesn't look like the 12 months credit was available - but I'm happy this was done with my first customer support interaction.

      • My deal from last yr expired a week ago. I contacted support via chat to try to get $10 off to stay on (was waiting for this deal) and they just outright refused no matter what I said. At the end I ported out to Optus which has a month to month deal special for $65 that gives 500Gb. I need the data for the next few months and will port back the next time this deal runs hopefully on $59 again

      • From my experience its 12 months, and to confirm , i just did it for my sister just now and i was also able to get 12 month of 10 dollar credit.

        • Probably the difference is the $10 is for a new 12 months contract while I was trying to get it for my expired contract which is now on month to month. Either that or I was unlucky with the person on chat

  • Thanks OP.

    JB Hi-Fi Sunshine was able to get it sorted out quickly and they were already aware of the plan details.

    • Did you ring them direct or did you request a call back?

      • Ring direct - I'd already requested a call back a few days ago but they didn't follow up. They'll need the form filled in though.

  • just called chaddy VIC - deadline is tonight, you can apparently pop in and do that in-store.

  • Called up 8 stores in Melbourne's north this morning looking for a Pro. 6 of them were completely sold out. 2 of them only had the 128GB in Sorta Sunny. Both stores wouldn't do click and collect though. Said to put a hold on it and come in after 6PM.

  • Just got my $500 gift card from forest hill chase jb.
    One of the staff said it's only for pixel 6 but a different rep still did it for me as a standard gift card.

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