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R.M. Williams Mens Comfort Craftsman Boots (B543Y)/Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boots (B543YM) $425 Delivered @ Allingtons


Dynamic Flex

Beautifully constructed and uniquely made from one piece of leather, Comfort Craftsman boots are available in Chestnut and Black.

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Allingtons Outpost
Allingtons Outpost

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    Dynamic flex now same price after contacting Allingtons.

    • Updated the post.

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    So I have gone to ICONIC live chat and they have given a voucher for price match. I can see suncorp offering 6% discount on eGift Cards which the chat says should work with the price match voucher. The price would come down to $400

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    Just got a pair - thanks OP.

    I received a code in an email for $10.00 off. Use WELCOME21 to get a pair for $415.00 delivered.

    I could probably get it cheaper at The Iconic in a future sale but happy to support small business.

  • Thanks OP! Finally joined the RMW club. Victoria lockdown finally ended for me to go to the actual store for sizing. Surprised the dynamic flex felt so much better for me.

  • What about Meermin good year welted shoes? Any other brands that are good for other styles that are not chelsea?

  • Anyone know how this would compare to a $270 thursdays boots

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      Thursday Boots are great for the price. Both Thursday and RM Williams are good year welted.

      RM's are made in Australia, have a one-piece construction, and some may prefer the Yearling leather. RM available in more width options for a better fit for some.

    • where are you finding thursday boots for that price?

      • Their website or Amazon. Amazon has $250/ $260 for Thursday Boot's Chukkas. Their website: Chelseas are $190 USD or >$270 AUD if u factor in shipping but they are not whole cut.

        TBH, would probably go RM willies over Thursdays for quality and aussie made. For other styles, may go thursday boots, or meermin.

        • yes I will wait for next years warehouse sale in my state where a friend got oily fern rickabys for $99

  • Last day for this price … Measured my feet according to the instructions on the website… Hopefully will fit… Don't know why I'm buying something I will probably wear once a month XD since I don't want to look super well dressed for the dumb person I am and feet size expands as you age. Oh.. just gonna fake it till I make it like Frank Abagnale

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