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LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 $849.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Normally anything $880 or below they sells out .
17 available .

Brand LEGO
Country of Origin China
Product Dimensions W 53.3 x H 46 x D 38.5 cm
Product Weight 12.495kg
Type LEGO Star Wars
Recommended Age 16 years +
Model Number 75252

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  • +18

    Not sure how I'd explain this purchase to the missus

    • +6


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        Buy 5 and say you're investing in lego

        • +6

          Would be too tempted to build a 5 SS fleet out of this… hahaha

          • +3

            @Aznmadness: Say you're getting into miniature filmography 😋

    • +5

      I've got the number of a good divorce lawyer if you are interested.

      • 1800 823 757

    • +5

      'You don't want to buy Destroyer…you want to go home and rethink your life.'

    • +10

      Not sure how I'd explain this purchase to the missus

      Tell her you find her lack of faith disturbing.

      • +5

        You might find then your lack of wife disturbing.

    • +2

      May the force be with you.

    • +2

      My nephew is more into creating. He's only 4 so I bought him 2kg of knock off technical and regular building blocks for $60

      12.495kg / 2kg
      = 6.2475
      6.2475 x $60
      = $374.85

      $850 / $374.85
      About 2.25x the cost and 10x cooler and more collectable.

      10 is a bigger number than 2. She will understand

    • +1

      now wookie here…

      you need to force the topic

      there is no try

  • Well that was an unexpected purchase.

    Waiting for the Costco sign ups and this thing selling out in minutes

  • Says only 12 left?

  • 11 now

    • How do you know this ?

      • +3

        you should know it!

        • +1

          This is the way.

      • +1

        9 now :)

  • I'd like to get one but just don't have room in my home and time to build them! :((

  • Been on 17 all day the power of OZB silent hitters is smashing them .

    • Why don't you just buy all of it?

      • I'd rather have stuff that truly limited like hours or days available for sale .
        3-5 yrs unless retiring is not my cup of tea .
        It might be good for PissL to make another shed .

  • 9 left now

  • +1

    I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it

  • +1

    The YouTube of the Lego designer creating this set explaining the components and scale is incredible.

    After watching this, heart says buy, brain and wallet says don’t be stupid

  • Bought - thanks OP!

  • +1

    Waiting for Titanic in a few days ….. $999

    • +1

      I’m buying the Titanic. Can’t wait…

  • 2 left!

  • +1

    wonder how much this actually costs Lego to make? Would be a massive margin. Must be nice

  • and its gone

  • +1

    another high yield investment

  • I guess 17 would give me a fleet:-)

  • Can't you just return this after 20 years, they do have neverending return policy for used goods

    • Why would you? Who plans to buy things to return them? 🤔

      • +1

        Surprised how many users on this page think it’s acceptable to do this.

  • Why does branded plastic cost so much? Wonder what the markup from it’s cost price for these things always. If only they where made in USA like used to would greatly give these things more value in the future.

    • -1

      Why does branded plastic cost so much?

      THIS!!! Must cost them about $2 in recycled plastic

    • +1

      Why does branded plastic cost so much?

      Because it's highly engineered.

      The plastic used in the production of Lego is not in the same galaxy as the kind of plastic found in recycled drinking bottles or food packaging.

      If only they where made in USA like used to would greatly give these things more value in the future.

      Lego was never produced in the US nor is it currently.

      The Lego Group is a Danish company and historically sets used to be built entirely in Denmark or other European countries like Germany, Switzerland and the UK before production was globalised to other regions.

      Today it's chiefly produced in Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Mexico and China.

      Once again, the hopelessly uninformed are magnetically attracted to Lego threads like flies to turds.

  • I’m so glad it’s out of stock. Saved me from losing half my money/assets.

  • Delivered today! Man it is heavy. Do you have one already @popsiee

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