This was posted 1 year 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay $239.20 (20% off) @ David Jones


I've been hoping this would come back in stock during the 20% deal.

It normally sells out quick at RRP when it comes in stock so this probably won't last long.

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David Jones
David Jones

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      Lego in your life?

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    wont add to cart!!!

    • Maybe gone already? Mine wen't through this morning.

      • lucky, not fast enough

      • how did you come across it? just randomly? brickhawk didn't even alert me

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          I had the URL favourited in my phone and check it regularily during sales in case more stock gets added. When I looked this morning I could add it to my bag.

          It was a strange one as when you searched the DJ's site, you couldn't find it listed you needed to direct URL.

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      I added one and checked out a minute before posting my below comment. Had DJs details stored so from "Go to Deal" to "Order placed" took all of 10 seconds.

      Hope they add more stock for you.

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    Gah, expensive week. Roller Coaster, AT-AT, A-Wing, and now Pirates of Barracuda Bay. And Mos Eisley Cantina just around the corner. And the UCS '89 Batwing. God help me!

    • It hasn't been that bad for me, but easily could have with all the specials around!

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    OOS already

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    I snoozed and I lose , great first post not the standard 20% off Lego that flooded here yesterday :)

    • But this is (was) 20% off, so pretty standard anyway

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    I bet it'll get cancelled anyway

    • My order says awaiting carrier collection

  • Got one thanks.

  • how long does it take you to build such scene?

    • At 2,545 pieces, probably around 2 and a half days for the average Lego builder.

      My rule of thumb is 1 day per 1,000 pieces, factoring in numerous breaks/interruptions/daily responsibilities and a leisurely pace of construction. You could absolutely complete it in one day if you just sat at a table for 10-12 hours straight building like a madman but the only the most hardcore Lego fans have the will and patience for that.

      • thanks heaps for your answer. i was an unconditional fan of lego as a kid and seeing all the postings here, makes my fingers tingle haha! will jump on the wagon next time :)

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          I will jump on the wagon next time :)

          I got back into it a few years ago myself; it feels like a long-awaited pay off to finally get your hands on the big, flagship sets that you were too young/poor for as a kid.

          • @Gnostikos: That's true. But prices of some of those bigger flagship sets make you feel like a poor kid again..

          • @Gnostikos: As a kid I wanted the black castle and then the pirate ship, neither of which my parents could afford. Fast forward a few decades and now I'm running out of space!

  • Darn. Do want.

  • so cheap, but its out of stock.

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    Thanks OP, didn't buy but claimed price protection :)

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    OP you might want to fix the title to "Barracuda"
    The same way its not Baramunddi

  • Has the Lego Old Trafford set been discounted anywhere as part of the 20% sale? Seems full-price everywhere I check

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      Since it's a Creator Expert set it often gets left out of X% off sales, haven't seen it cheap much

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      That set was discounted to almost 30% last month during the buy $500 and get $150 offer at DJ. I did not buy one because I am not a ManU fan.

  • Anyone got their orders updated yet? Mine still says awaiting carrier collection

    • Mine is also saying that

    • Ok, so mine shipped last night!

      • Same!

      • Unrelated to this deal, but how long did your order stay in the status of "awaiting carrier collection"? I ordered something else, and it says "awaiting carrier collection" for a day now.

  • Got mine delivered

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