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WPL B16 1/16 2.4G 6WD Military Truck Crawler Off Road RC Car With Light RTR US$36.99 (~A$50.40) at Banggood


WPL B16 1/16 2.4G 6WD Military Truck Crawler Off Road RC Car With Light RTR

Lowest price in 230 days. I was checking prices due to the crap 6x6 Amazon was selling.

These are NOT proportional steering (based on pictures) but throttle is. At least the differentials are locked. Other downside is the NiMH (maybe NiCD?) battery which can be cheaply replaced.

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  • I have one before, only last for one day.

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      So before it died, did it have proportional steering and throttle?

      What happened to yours exactly?

      • Apparently this does NOT have proportional steering…..

        • yep post was updated after my comment

          • @andresampras: Seems there are 2 versions of the Ready to Run. One with full proportional controls, unlike this which has non-proportional steering. I eyeballed the customer review photos and they are the crappy non-servo type mechanism. I'm tempted to expire the deal, it's cheap, but its paying for crap. Nobody over the age of 5 should accept non-propotional controls.

            • @CyberGenesys: Have you determined that throttle is proportional? If so I think that's better than most at this price?

  • I just bought a MN-99s Land Rover crawler from Banggood for an Xmas present. In my research I heard and saw that WPL have a lot of upgrades and spare parts available. I also bought a metal suspension rotate kit and drive shaft for the 99s.

    • hey, mind sharing a link for the upgrades please?

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        Sure, this is for the MN 1/12th scale but some parts might also be interchangeable with WPL 1/12.

        Drive shaft:

        Suspension bits:

        Additional battery:

        • thanks very much!
          the steering servo on mine failed after about a month of use but I think its mainly cz I let my young kids play with it occasionaly and they may have forced the steering when it was stuck in spaces it shouldn't have been.
          but overall, love the unit as a whole, will be interesting to see how it performs with these upgrades!

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          The metal linking arm (the bit that spans the axle in that link kit) is not interchangeable with the WPL ones, they are spaced differently. MN are about 56mm while WPL are about 49mm

          The drive shaft of the MN-99s is splined and press fit. The WPL are the 'semi circle with locking screw' type. You would have to modify the MN output axles to fit that type of drive shaft by filing a flat spot onto the axle. The result is better than the orignal which will eventually just round out and spin.

          source; my experience with MN-99s

  • Anyone seen good deal on the WPL D12?

  • What's the youngest age kids can use this one?

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      my boy is 3.5yo and can drive my axial scx24 around

      took a little while to get the hang of it but they pick it up quite fast.

      being a crawler, its not the fastest so good to learn on

      • Yep my MN99s is for a 3yr old. Just a bit faster than walking speed, so I think it’s good.

  • WPL make great RC cars

  • If you want WPL, buy the latest product like D12 or C34, stay away from b series. I have b36 km, the km just an afterthought, flimsy plastic chassis cannot handle the weight of the metal part, one Single wrong position or tumble there always be crack or snap plastic.

    The one that stop me from buying from them ever again is when they said " well you guys asking for metal part we just deliver" practically blaming customers. Poor design and quality control problem all over the place.

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