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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Gaming OC LHR 8GB Graphics Card $1069 + Delivery @ PLE


Spotted this while seeing the 3070 deal. I think it's better value than the 3070 right now, being about 20% cheaper but only 8-9% slower.

Definitely not the cheapest 3060 Ti recently but the cooler does make up for it.

There is also the Eagle 2 fan version for $1029:

It will probably be gone in a flash!

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    Ordered one. Let’s see how it goes.

  • I've got one, but don't really have anything to compare it to since it's my first dedicated GPU. It does run really nicely, with most of my games locked to 165fps 1440p with no real dramas. Temps are averaging around 45-50C whilst currently playing GTAV.

  • Is this OOS in melbourne?

    • If it says ETA xx/xx, you should be able to 'import' it down to Melbourne.

  • Seems like PLE has received a truck load of GFX cards…. hope the prices come down enough for me to buy a RX 6600 @ 549$ (initial price)

    • China currently going through strict lockdown, supply is going to go down dramatically. If I were you I'd buy any 6600 for what they're going for now before they skyrocket again.

      • +1

        Thanks … i currently am rocking a RX 570 … which is more than enough for my DotA requirements! I guess i will wait for 2022 for prices to drop!

        • +1

          im going to keep saying this, eth 2.0 upgrades have started. things may change for the better

    • +1

      Try emailing them and asking if they'll come down (say that you're on a budget), it has scored me a discount in the past.

  • Copped thank you!

  • OoS

  • $1069.00 one is gone

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