How Do You Get Marks Scratches and Finger Prints off a TV Screen?

This may be silly but I've tried numerous things I need your help from those with skills…

How on earth do you get marks scratches and finger prints off your TV screen? It's so frustrating…

Is there a special product or a special technique?


  • For fingerprints just some glass cleaner should do the trick. Scratches won't come off

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    Why are you letting anything touch your TV?

    • Kids probably

      • Like I said…

  • Microfibre cloth lightly dampened with clean water.

  • Finger prints are easy enough to deal with. A moist microfibre cloth and the smallest amount of soap will do nicely. Just dry it with another microfibre cloth when you're done. Then break the fingers of whoever keeps touching the screen.

    scratches….special technique

    Assuming it is not a coated screen - YES, scratches can be removed.

    It's not for the impatient or the faint of heart, but a Micro-Mesh kit (down to 12,000 grade) will do the trick. The last time I had to tackle this sort of situation was to repair the head-unit display in a relative's Golf R32 (she'd dragged the metal buckle of her handbag across the screen leaving a nasty horizontal scratch). After almost two hours of work, I was done and it came-up near-perfect.

    • Shouldn't really need soap to clean off fingerprints, a dry or slightly moist microfiber cloth will do just fine.

      • Depends on what the fingerprint is made of, really. Some oils, in particular, need a surfactant to break the bond with the glass or plastic - otherwise you're just smearing it around.

        Before I forget, OP, whatever you end up doing….DON'T go spraying liquids directly onto the screen/frame.

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  • For fingerprints, use a microfibre cloth as mentioned above. For light scratches, try Vaseline? At least, if it doesn't work, it's cheap and reversible :-D

  • If the screen isn't coated get some eyeglass cleaner in small spray bottle for 5 bucks from optometrist its safe for glasses etc, Or get some Isocol and put on a soft cloth

  • Thanks guys much appreciated

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