PC Building Services Where You Supply The Parts and Ship It to Their Address

Just wondering does anybody know of a business or service that can build your pc using your own parts.

For example you can buy individually and get items sent to an address they then build it for you and pack it up and send it to you.

I love prebuilts but I really want to hand pick my parts for my next build but I am not a pc builder at all and I love watching videos on building pc's but I can only maybe do like 20-30 percent of the building then I get lost and basically abandon project.

Also I am talking like maybe a professional service that can also do small quality of life enhancements like applying premium thermal paste properly for you and maybe just overall get the pc ready setup good to go with os installed etc.

Last time I did this for a SFF build I just fed the guy parts to his address then he sent it to me on completion.

This was Gumtree though.

Wondering if there is a special service for this.

Honestly I would pay a few hundred maybe for the hassle for like a huge project just to get a full tower shipped to me ready to go and avoid all the extra stuff.


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    Any good computer store would do this for you. Tell them the parts you want and then they can build it, then ship it to you.

    • He wants to supply the parts himself and get them to assemble it.

      • Basically yeah I want to beat store prices and store prebuilts by buying everything ozbargainly but then I need someone to assemble it.

        I can do OK but I'm really really finicky with some of the process like cable manageable, power connecting and stuff like putting the IO shield in.

        Honestly I probably could do it just checking if I can support and businesses or small time services.

  • Hi,

    I get that you had some prior success via Gumtree.

    It really sounds like a one-off build so maybe Airtasker might find you someone.

    Obviously, a lot can go wrong from wrong/defective components being shipped, delays, warranty, insurance, compatibility etc.

    Most services will make/earn money on the component parts+labour and their profit is on getting the entire build done and dispatched and moving to the next job in a timely manner.

    Your plan may save you money on the components, but you are trying to derive a benefit or saving from drop shipping via different suppliers sent to your consolidator.

    Expect to pay a Premium on the back end (and delays).

    I can see the upside if you can find the right person and price.

    Have a look at: https://dreampc.com.au/ who offer a Custom Build Service from their stock via https://dreampc.com.au/get-help/
    They also offer Build Tracking @ https://trello.com/b/Ng6DZVGK/dream-pc-build-tracker

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    This sounds like a warranty nightmare. What's wrong with just getting any of the major PC parts store to build it with parts they sell? How bespoke could it possibly be that you couldn't get everything you need at a place like Centrecom?

    • I could but it would probably cost a lot more than say buying each item cheap individually then building in one go.

      • You wouldn't want to miss all the big sales on PC parts at the moment haha

        I'm all for saving money, but it's not uncommon to get DoA PC parts and if you don't have the ability to diagnose things yourself it's going to be a major pain as whoever you get to put it together won't diagnose anything for free…

    • agreed,
      I used to shop around for the best price for each item and assemble myself.
      Until the most random hardware combination ever.

      =650 watt PSU and video card cause system reboots
      500 watt PSU system rock solid

      so each shop would test their part in isolation and worked fine.

  • Most computer stores do this but only for parts bought from them but even this can suck due to items out of stock or simply not sold at one store while others have it.

    Here's a few places that do it, no idea if they are any good, but i'd high suggest you build it yourself. it's not hard and can be done in a few hours if done by someone who knows what they're doing.
    Or if you know a mate who's into PC they can help.

    Who ever you go with ensure you check one thing after you get the PC, Check in the bios to see if XMP (Intel) or D.O.C.P (AMD) is enabled for the ram.

  • Computer stores, not sure if online. Ed's PC is one name I can think of.

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    i wouldn't use gumtree for that kinda thing man, the number of disgusting people who scam for weekly income on there is just insane
    what exactly is the issue with banging together a system are you looking at getting a custom loop done is that the nervous part?

    as above id use a retailer to bang it all together, you may not get 100% of your order from the same store, so some compromise could be required
    but its better than the heartache of getting

    a) scammed of gumtree
    b) having to deal with shipping issues person to person (companies have more power + insurance)
    c) technical issues on day 1 or down the line
    d) warranty

    it shouldn't take all that long to slap together a system, if you put cpu, ram into the mobo really your just throwing it into a case and then gpu and calling it a day,
    if its rgb you want, and doing all the cables is the time-consuming part - id recommend getting a case like corsair 5000-7000x with rgb pre-installed and getting a rgb aio
    thats all in the one ecosystem so you basically slap the two commander units together and everything will sync up

    • Agree… no way I'd trust shipping my bits to a random on gumtree! I didnt even know people offered scams like this on gumtree.

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    Building PC's are extremely easy, don't be fooled into thinking it requires a great amount of knowledge. If you can put together a 1000pc jigsaw puzzle, Meccano set them you've got what it takes to build a PC. However selecting the parts for the PC is where knowledge will be required.

    Check out PC Part Picker, it'll only allow you to select parts that are compatible. Once you've selected all the parts post your system design on OzBargain for feedback from PC enthusiast.

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      Will they build from all the parts you buy elsewhere then give to Scorp?
      I cant see many stores being happy with that, the warranty nightmare for one.

      • God no, but why would OP buy stuff from multiple other places, pay for delivery for each order and then pay or spend their time getting it all to an installer? Scorptec has a massive range. Surely nearly everything will be available direct. Scorptec will also warranty the build.

        • thats his plan…

          buy bits he finds here cheap from anywhere on earth - then get someone to build it
          or thats how I read it… sounds dumb to me.

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    Last time I did this for a SFF build I just fed the guy parts to his address then he sent it to me on completion.

    This was Gumtree though.

    You sent a random person on gumtree your PC to get it assembled?!?
    It sounds like it worked out but damn, my scam senses are screaming at the thought of this
    Also, how do you know this random person is going to do a good job?

    • I'm be honest I wasn't thinking the best when I did it. Part of me was expecting it to fail. It was a crap shoot if I'm being honest.

      Yeah I basically looked at his gumtree profile and then just started messaging him.

      Then I sent him links to buy the items and the money.

      Then when it was done he sent he the final product.

      Trust was extremely needed from both sides and honestly it was literally one of the most wholesome moments in my lifetime.

      We both took the risk and it paid off so I tipped him a little bit for basically but screwing me and also he had a bit of extra work to do I realised than just assembling it.

      Yeah I'm not the smartest man alive that's for sure lol haha but I have my moments.

  • You're better off just doing it yourself. Does'nt take more than couple hours with youtube tutorial.

    • I can do most of it but there are some parts I would feel safer a more experienced builder do. Especially with such high end parts.

      If it was a cheap low end budget built I could probably risk it and do it myself because worst case scenario it would maybe be a small price to pay.

      Like those small budget sffs I have no problem accidentally messing around with but something with super high end I might get nervous lol and after years of reading about grounding and esd etc I still don't trust myself and the place I would build it is all carpet and a wooden table.

      So but yeah.

  • Building a PC is like putting pieces of lego together, unless you are doing a custom loop or something. Even then, with a bit of care you should be ok.

    Honestly I would pay a few hundred maybe for the hassle for like a huge project just to get a full tower shipped to me ready to go and avoid all the extra stuff.

    Wow, I didn't realise people would be that willing.

    You've already built a relationship with the dude on gumtree and trust his service, why do you have to find a business that does exactly that?

    If he isn't able, last I check there are a lot of people who offer similar services on gumtree/fb marketplace. Heck, if you posted a listing on ozbargain, I'm sure you are bound to find a local willing to offer their services

    • I guess I could ask him to build me one again just getting alternatives in case he has stopped doing it or for whatever reason this build is beyond him.

      Thanks for the advice and tips though I appreciate it.

    • Oh right good call I almost forgot about them.


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        Even that could be a crap shoot

        Why not ask the listed stores to quote you a build with the bits you want? that + postage of parts + someones time to build it = the same. And you get warranty

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          Good idea I might do that.

          I'll make up a list either pc part picker or otherwise then maybe make a template email then send it off to a couple stores and see what I get back.

          I guess this is fine just a small part of me also wants to support the little guy small small business owner guy.

          Because that is what I want to be maybe in a few years as a side gig.

          Not pc building but other stuff other businesses.

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