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[PC, Epic] Free - Aven Colony @ Epic Games (05/11 - 12/11)


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 2am AEDT.

This week’s game - DARQ: Complete Edition.

Next week's freebie - Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack.

Don't forget to claim a free $15 voucher when you sign up to the Epic newsletter.

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    Steam reviews: mostly positive

    • Bargain hunting it will be forever tainted for those who miss out on this freebie. Won't be as easy to see what the non-freebie low is on Augmented Steam
      Current best: A$ 0.00
      -100% at Epic Game Store (EPIC)
      Historical low: A$ 0.00
      -100% at Epic Game Store 11/5/2021

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    Far Cry franchise will also be on sale from 5/11.

  • This is about the right price for this game.

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      Played this for a bit before it left GamePass on xbox. Not to bad.

      Though I'd say now that The RiftBreaker is similar in some ways to this but far more enjoyable to play.

      • It was alright, but once you got onto simple patterns, that's all you did.

        Not enough variation.

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    Don't forget to claim a free $15 voucher when you sign up to the Epic newsletter

    Thanks a bunch OP. Wasn't aware about this deal until your reminder. :)

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    Thank you mr deal robot

  • I enjoyed this (on Gog) while it lasted but I don't think I would replay it.

  • Its been a while since I claimed epic freebies, just getting too lazy

  • Cheers!

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