GTA Trilogy Switch - Download Required?

So anyone who follows Switch news may have seen that, at least in the US, the marketing material (box art specifically) suggests that the physical edition of the game will require an extra download.

There's a few things I find odd about this release specifically.

  1. No Australian retailer that has the game available for pre-order has any mention of a download for our region. I have checked this on the EB, JB and Amazon listings.

  2. The US version of this game has an eShop file size listing of 25+GB whereas the Australian/European eShops have the game listed at 13.1GB. This seems like an odd discrepancy, but if someone could hazard a guess as to why this might be, let me know.

  3. It hasn't been done in Europe or Australia before (to my knowledge), but it isn't unheard of for Switch games in different regions to receive different physical treatments. For example, Japan received a 32GB card for Dragon Quest Heroes near the Switch's launch which was unavailable elsewhere. They also received the entirety of Final Fantasy X/X2 on one cartridge with the second game being a download in other regions.
    This seems like the biggest stretch to me as for an explanation, but I guess not entirely impossible.

What do we think? Will we get a "Download Required" confirmed closer to the release or will it be all on cartridge outside America for some reason?


  • If I had to guess, it'll be the same, with Vice City to be downloaded due to the music licensing issues that plagued previous re-releases or just not being ready when it went gold for manufacturing. I wouldn't expect there to be a one-time use code though, that wouldn't be acceptable.

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    Download, no download, why does it matter? Just buy the game if you want and enjoy! Seems like a pointless post to me.

    • +1

      Do you have a Switch?
      Games don't require an install like Xbox/PlayStation games do. Considering the small amount of on board storage and cost of expanding the storage, it's a fairly significant deal when companies such as Take 2 don't put the entire game on a game card.

      Given there is an additional cost to the larger cartridges, but companies like Take 2 aren't exactly financially struggling.

      So TL;DR, if the game can fit, put it all on the card.

      • Painful - yes. Surprising - no.

        In this day and age with the physical media just being a licence rather than containing the game data this now happens a lot. And this isn't the first time this has happened for the Switch - the NBA 2K series also had massive downloads of the game even when purchasing the boxed copy a couple of years ago which were if not as big as the internal memory, pretty close.

        The ridiculously low internal memory for the Switch has always been an issue that Nintendo has simply ignored to let people manage it with their own SD cards - and thus a lot of the huge interest in the big 400GB or more cards on this very site. Again, not really any different from running the other consoles which now require being installed on the hard drive and having to constantly memory manage. We just grumble and move on.

        • It is all quite unfortunate in that sense.

          Still thought it's I testing in the specific case of this game's marketing material however.

          Usually box art is pretty clear on the need for extra space required.

    • My same thought here.. its not like high speed SD cards are particularly expensive these days… I mean you can get a 64gb ~$10, I got a 256gb for $50 so that I never have to even think about it again.. if you have a lot of games it's a no brainer cuz even cartridge loaded games will have downloads and updates. Not all but enough. I don't get it…

      (and if you have enough games for this to be a problem them you've already spent hundreds because Nintendo rarely ever drops their game prices. This shouldn't even be something to be "disappointed" about….)

  • Spawn Wave on YouTube covered this. Most likely it will need a DL..

    • Yes, but as the original post mentioned, that has only so far been confirmed for the USA. No Australian marketing material lists a DL requirement yet.

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    It will require an extra download, JB Hi-Fi has updated the cover about the extra download content required.

    • Thanks for that.
      That's disappointing

  • +1

    My concern is simply it means the cartridge might be worthless in the future if the servers are down and it’s not possible to download the content.

  • Given the reviews so far, I'm probably going to cancel my preorder. No point paying launch pricing for a broken game even if it's not that bad ($68 at Amazon).

    • Yeah, same boat at the moment. Will see how the supposed "coming patches" fix things

      • Digital Foundry video was the thing that pushed me over the edge and just cancelled my preorder.

  • From what I've played so far, I haven't run into anything gamebreaking, but there are certainly lots of things that don't add up, especially for a game with the GTA name (even if they are old). Maybe some of these things are in fact in the originals, I'm not sure but for example:

    In SA the main character model's foot doesn't connect to his leg, so when wearing shorts there's a see through gap between them. There are several points in the map where the terrain either does not join up so you can see through it, or there are a couple of invisible holes where you can fall through the map.

    The rain is hideous. There's the now infamous disappearing bridge which can only be seen from a specific angle etc ..

    Some of it is good no doubt, but at the same time some of it feels either rushed or just lazy/half-arsed.

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