Gumtree WhatsApp Buyers Scamming - Still Happening

Just had someone want to buy a microwave on Gumtree but contacted me on Whatsapp. This scam's been on the media!

I was a bit suspicious when she started with "Great, I want to buy, …" no one says it like that.

Initially she wanted it australia posted or Gumtree door to door delivery. "Would it be easier for you to get it through the post?" Lies. Knew full well how much it would be to send a microwave by post to Muswellbrook (I would reveal phone number and whatever name, if I could). It was part of the strategy to narrow it down to a fake Gumtree delivery service.

So I said it was too much to send the microwave there, why don't you buy a new from Kmart for less than this cost?

Reply: "Don't worry (haha) shipping with Gumtree will only cost $14"

So I scambaited her from then on, pretending I was going along with it, right to the end when there was a link for my card details. I shut it down then and sent a screenshot of nine news report on this very scam in reply. No answer.

I have reported to Gumtree, but whatever….

It's either cash or bank deposit to an account normally not used, that has very little money in it to begin with

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    You made a new account just to post this?

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      Yep, because it will be seen, just like you have. It's important to remind sellers this is always out there

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        But everyone here already knows that with Gumtree™ it's:

        • Face 2 face
        • Cash only
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          The only foolproof way is what you've said. But unfortunately the scams still happen because they still pay off.

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        Don't be phased OP.

        You were actually smart enough to not get scammed on gumtree. We're all more used to new accounts who come here to commiserate after they've been on the receiving end.

  • Ask them to send money for shipping fee and then send microwave. They can pay once they receive the microwave.

    But then you become the scammer..

    • This fake "Gumtree delivery" apparently requires the buyer to pay for delivery and the good, which the seller apparently gets paid for by clicking link. She knew that sending by aus post wasn't going to happen. It was all part of trying to reel me in.

  • For as long as people are gullible and fall for these scams, they will continue to exist. They will last way beyond you and I expiring. Just think of how many Nigerian princes are roaming their lands funded by unknowing grannies.

  • Like you, I automatically get suspicious when someone messages me asking for me to ship something off.

    One day I was selling a switch, I received a message through gumtree, the person did not try to negotiate or anything and the first message basically said: "I want to buy it, I'm happy to pay for shipping".

    I've dealt with so many of these scammers that I just thought it was another one. But I didn't wanna just tell them to just piss off, so I linked them my ebay listing (it was $10-20 more than my gumtree listing too). Buyer hopped on ebay and bought it 10 minutes later, apparently they weren't trying to scam me.

    The shipping address was a little odd though, it seemed like a uni dorm campus or something, so I paid extra out of my own pocket for signature on delivery.

    • I've never been contacted through Whatsapp for Gumtree before - then I looked it up and thank Goodness people had posted this same scam. I would never supply my credit card details anyway, but knowing from others in advance just made the process of scambaiting more satisfying.
      Yet, I have people paying money to a bank account to post an item (they have to trust me) and never had a problem.

  • I often use Whatsapp for Gumtree as Whatsapp messaging was flaky a while back. Happy to pay to a bank account or pay id upfront before the thing is sent.

    Op is pretty sharp to have smelt a rat from the intro.

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    How unusual… a scam using Gumtree.

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      There was a TV news report last week about a mum who sold an item on Gumtree and didn't get scammed.

      She was very shocked and stated "I couldn't believe it when a real buyer turned up"

  • was the address # Bligh street, Muswellbrook, NSW ?

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