Every Regular Season 2021-22 NHL Game Live Stream Free on ESPN App & Web - for Fetch TV & Foxtel ESPN Subscribers


How to Access the ESPN App and ESPN.com.au streaming content

The streaming functionality through the ESPN App and ESPN.com.au is available to ESPN channel subscribers via Foxtel, Fetch TV and SKY NZ, who enter their platform credentials.

Kayo subscribers cannot stream via the ESPN App or ESPN.com.au.

  • The ESPN App is available for download from the Apple and Android App store. This does not include Smart TV apps.

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  • +3

    Great deal for existing subscribers. Saved me $$$ I'd normally put towards NHL.tv

    • +1

      From my experience so far with the app and trying to watch at home via Chromecast, I'd rather go back to paying for NHL TV.

      No native Google TV app that works.
      Stream randomly changes to other sports.
      Stream stops on intermissions. Then you realise and manually start it again only to discover you've missed part of the next period.
      Can't start a live game from the start.

      The list goes on.

      I hate it.

      • +1

        It's terrible via the app and Chromecasting. Commercial breaks have an endless loop which would be ok, but they've used some awful crowd cheer that is infuriating. The cast constantly freezes. I think I have worked out that this happens during commercial breaks and Foxtel are injecting their own advert rather than the 'commercial break' screen and causes the cast to freeze. The game randomly switches to other sports and I have found the only way to stop this is to keep the phone active on the game with screen on. Via the ESPN site itself, the quality seems worse and I'm almost sure it isn't running at 60fps. While I like it that I'm not paying NHL.tv the dollar rate for the year, I think it is preferable to ESPN :-(

        • bit frustrating on the app and chromecast but perfect on the pc, no issues. Might put a support request in.

      • Yeh it definitely needs improving, when it's working as intended it's very decent but they have a lot of things they need to iron out to get it running smoothly.

        • I really hope they update ESPN+ to support multi-region so I can run it natively on Android TV. Seems a shame that we need to cast it and can't just run it natively on Shield/Android TV app.

          • @jaymzrsa: Yeh if they get it working properly it'll be great but having to restart the stream 83 times during intermission isn't fun

            • @MBix: firstly go teh canes - bunch of jerks.

              i have the nhl app and subscription and have had it for a few years. this year it seems to be telling me that due to licensing agreements in Australia only select games will be offered - go get espn ( they billed me for another annual sub already).

              i have been able to use a vpn setting it to singapore and been able to watch any / all games, this prohibits me casting to the tv. i can cable connect a computer / vpn at router.

              has anyone else encountered this or got a better work around?

              • @ellski: Hey hey fellow Caniac. Don't bump into many jerks this side of the world.

                So far my workaround for TV is to use the normal ESPN account linked to Foxtel and watch region needs to be Australia. Then in the app, you need to go to settings->video settings and turn off "auto play". This seems to stop it randomly changing channels on you. The big issue still is that every ad break kills it and you need to restart. I've not found a working solution to that.

                • @jaymzrsa: jaymzrsa my man! i was lucky to get to the PNC arena a few years ago with family who had a box and season tickets.

                  thanks for the advice. win number 10 today! big season coming up!

                  • @ellski: My sister lives in Apex (the same suburb as their new training centre) so I'm lucky enough to have gone to a bunch of games. I haven't yet been lucky enough to visit their new training rink because of Covid and no travel for the last couple years but it will happen!!!!

  • Nashville for the cup this year (one can dream).

    • +1

      Sorry, but the Preds only raise participation banners :P

      • +2

        Hahaha Seattle 2 banners on the season already, they could one up us!

        • Seattle ABSOLUTELY need to do a video tribute for Alex Barre-Boulet when they next play TB.

    • +2

      Pens all the way!

      • +1

        I really wanted you to beat the Bolts yesterday, but at least you should have some fun against New Jersey coming your way!

  • +1

    how many devices can watch at the same time?

  • +2

    I upvoted this deal, however as a Leafs fan, nothing to see here..

  • -3

    Kayo, what a joke service.

    • What does Kayo have to do with this? They don't have the rights, ESPN does.

      • +1

        Can only imagine because kayo have ESPN

        • They do still show the national broadcast games, just not the on-demand games, which they have never done.

          • @jaymzrsa: Yeah I agree - was just guessing what the post meant

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