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$6 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog (4pm-8pm Local Time)


Only works for the restaurants that deliver themselves (not delivered by Menulog). You can use the filter to search for ‘Delivered by Restaurant’


  • You can pick your order up, to avoid paying delivery & service fee.
  • Valid only between 4pm-8pm local time, but you can preorder the next day at most restaurants.
  • One order per code, multiple codes may work for you if you want to make multiple orders.

ACDT: ARPF-VDMK (thanks to hamza23)
AWST: EHHM-CE4T (thanks to nmcc08)

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    Coming up against some stiff competition today with CR/Uber Eats

    • Tell me more please

      • Top of the front page not sure how you miss it XD

        • -1

          Ha. That seemed too complicated and the US$ in title put me off. Thanks for the link.

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Agreed. You're not the only one, I totally ignored it after seeing the US$ too hahaha

    • Pre-order UE for a different day, get Menulog today haha

      I find it a little annoying can only pre order 1 day in advance on Menulog!

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • OP wrote: "You can use the filter to search for ‘Delivered by Restaurant’".

    I don't find this filter.
    Can someone please explain how do I find this filter?

    • You need to scroll down on the homepage and click on the button "See all results in <your area>"
      Then on next screen, top right, first icon enable you to filter.

  • Home page does not have this button "See all results in…"

    • On the app - enter your address and click search
      On the next screen, top right is the filter button

  • But I am in the webpage, not app.

    • Not available on the desktop. Get the app.

  • +1

    Thank you

  • +1

    EHHM-CE4T - WA.

  • As advertised by wealthy posers too cheap to pay enough to allow for decent wages.

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