FedEx and TNT Delays Absurd Timeframe with No Window Estimate

Any idea how long the delays would take with parcels from from Melbourne to Sydney? I had a shipment using TNT next day express guaranteed delivery for the 28KG shipment but it’s been two days already the due date and time of 5pm was removed yesterday and then told was today it would be delivered and was one day delay,
Still now in transit whatever that means which state.

last parcel which I had which was a mattress from Victoria which took almost a month but that was normal shipping method with tracking. Idk why it’s taking so long for shipments but you are not getting for what you pay and should be compensated for large delays for things which are urgent.

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  • OzCrystalBall says ages

    • +1

      Don’t jinx that I need my shipment, they should reduce their delivery fees if they are outrageously delayed your paying for service which is not provided, it’s quite appalling for their standard, which you can’t conpare to auspost.

      • At this stage, you're still paying for a significantly better delivery time than if you went with regular postage.

        I had a amazon prime expedited delivery take almost two weeks Sydney-Melbourne… even amazon had given up and was offering a refund.

        Has your parcel hit Sydney yet? I had a FedEx delivery from the US make the domestic leg after in a couple of days.

        • Spoke to their rep apparently still at Melbourne and no ETA at all, shouldn’t stick with standard shipping or cheaper alternative, paying premium at time like this doesn’t make sense.

          • @DEvok:

            paying premium at time like this doesn’t make sense.

            Sorta… if you paid std you may get it next year LOL

  • Current Express Mail time for AusPost metro-metro is officially quoted as 1-9 business days

  • Great to see privatisation of postal services worked out so well.

    It costs more, it's unresponsive to market conditions because that means losing money and it's less efficient as measured by productivity.

    • I cant think of much privatization that has worked.

      its just a funky term used by political flogs that means "we have run out of ideas on how to run things"

  • Massive driver shortage at the moment. Government is also making class 500 visa holders relocate to regional towns which is complicating things.

  • Your shipment data is lodged 25/10/2021 21:10 Melbourne - Airport
    We've collected your shipment 26/10/2021 16:43 Melbourne - Airport

    And no further update..

    • mine stayed like this for 23 days before it moved to my suburb :(

  • Not sure about Fedex, but DHL seem to be passing stuff off to Auspost and anything that Auspost touches disappears into the great unknown with the helpful response of "Not sure. We're really busy so you'll get it when you get it."

    I ordered something from Netherlands with DHL Express and for some reason DHL handed off to Auspost when it landed in Melbourne.
    Then this:
    11 October 2021, 21:03
    Your package has been forwarded to a third party
    26 October 2021, 17:02
    Your shipment is forwarded for delivery

    15 Days stuck somewhere in the Auspost mire before it turned up at the post office 15kms from the airport rather than delivered door to door.

    Still better than the 37 days it took to get a couple of books from Melton to Ballarat in September last year using fastway.

  • Well good news my delivery arrived magically, the guy was helpful to carry the dam thing, and no signature required…

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