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[Oculus] Halloween Sale 29-48% off (Arizona Sunshine $27.32, Blair Witch $32.99, Dead and Buried 2 $18.99 + More) @ Oculus Store


Been eyeing this off for a few days, surprised nobody has posted this sale. Today's daily deal with Synth Riders prompted me to do so.

Daily Deal (Will Update Daily):

Zombieland Headshot $21.49

Deals until the end of October:

Arizona Sunshine

Blair Witch

Dead and Buried

Five Nights at Freddies

Lies Beneath:

Little Witch Broom Racing:

Waltz of the Wizard Natural Magic:

The Wizards Dark Times:

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    Only horror game I want is Resident Evil 4 but since it's an Oculus exclusive it will probably never get a discount.

    • Bargain-wise….. Hold off on any purchases for a prolonged period of time (stick to PCVR if you can). Wait for the 30% discount code Oculus gives and use that on it.

      • How often does Oculus send you discount coupons? I've had none so far, likely because I had marketing emails turned off.

        • I've never had one, bought the headset maybe 2 months ago and keep purchasing games. Reddit is where I saw people getting codes, might be worth a search. RE4 looks great, think I'll have to get S&S first though.

    • There's VR mods under development for PC.

  • I’d settle for a sale on walking dead. But really want resident evil 4.

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