Best Collection Of iOS Apps

What are the best non-mainstream iOS apps you’ve come across?
Apps that you regularly use or cannot live without, because of how powerful and useful they are?

I’m always searching for fantastic new apps that make a big difference in living life.

I love discovering new apps that:
- are totally innovative and unique
- get significant updates to totally revamp it
- offer a lifetime purchase
- tailored for Australian purposes

More contributions helps others navigate life; you become more (tech) savvy to hack life better so you can spend more time on the things you truly love.


Some guidelines when posting your apps:

  • briefly outline why it’s powerful
  • can be religious, political, financial, sexual etc.; just keep it as a review
  • prefer less common apps
  • try not to duplicate
  • prefer free or lifetime purchase apps (many subscriptions are insidious or overcharged)
  • be honest (there are many unethical, dishonest and greedy developers and reviewers; we don’t need any here)
  • if you’re the developer or associated, then state it (to avoid a conflict of interest)
  • focus on helping the community rather than hindering

Some of my favourite include (in no particular order):

  1. Notebook (by Zoho) - free; easy to use, acts on feedback, good support, encrypted, colourful, syncs to all devices, auto saves, doesn’t crash. Insanely good.

  2. Edison Email - free; combines ALL email accounts (obscure ones too); check ALL inbox, ALL spam, ALL trash; ALL subscriptions. Syncs to all devices. Doesn’t crash. Can answer invitations with simple Yes / No / Maybe buttons. Insanely good.

  3. BitWarden - free; password manager; syncs to all devices, auto log in; encrypted. Can be used alongside iCloud Keychain.

  4. Scribd - 30 day trial or $14/mth; biggest collection of audiobooks; insanely good value.

  5. Waze - free; reliable way to scan for police.

  6. SnapSolve - free; council reporting; uses your local council, fast responses/actioning, helps community out.

  7. Malatesta - $15 lifetime; teleprompter for YouTubers; voice-recognition auto-scroll.

  8. Speak2Scroll - currently free ($30 lifetime); teleprompter; voice-recognition auto-scroll; auto-scroll is too slow/delayed (developer is fixing this.)

  9. Documents (by Readdle) - free; comprehensive file management; connect to desktop PC/Mac and servers.

  10. ScriptBuilder - $5 or something; clear way of writing all the parts of a film / screenplay.

  11. Story Planner - $7 or something (don’t get the pack); same as above.

  12. Filmic pro + cinematic kit - $45 lifetime; filming; gamma controls; high quality.

  13. Lucid - 7 day trial or $27/mth - speed learning popular books and academic disciplines; uses animations / diagrams to portray key ideas; screenshot all animations for later reference; quizzes; new books / courses added fast. Expensive.


  • +1

    Pocketcasts - decent podcasting app when I was searching a few years ago. Unfortunately cost tiered to sync and play with a computer. Vaguely recall that the devs are Aussies.

    • Never heard of that. I use castbox, anchor, Apple, Google, and abc listen. Thx

  • +3

    PetrolSpy - shows cheapest petrol prices nearby. Search the map to find a good price.

    • +1

      Yeah I forgot to add this one lol it’s so good, saves you hundreds $$$ per year. Thx mate

  • +1
    • Wolfram Alpha. A handy calculator. Costs $4.49 in the App store. Website is free to use. Link:
    • Spark e-mail. An e-mail client similar to Edison
    • MyHealth1st. If you need to book a GP appointment.
    • HotDoc. If you need to book a GP appointment.
    • Signal. Similar to WhatsApp.
    • Firefox Focus. Internet browser.
    • DuckDuckGo. Internet browser.
    • Vivino. Discover wine ratings by taking photo of its label
    • Speedtest by Ookla. Test the download, upload speed of Wifi or mobile network.
    • SnapSendSolve. Report issues in your neighbourhood to local authorities for their attention.
    • NIOSH SLM. Sound level meter.
    • BOM Weather. Weather forecast.
    • Waze and HERE WeGo. Navigation and maps.
    • VicEmergency. Learn about current emergency situation in Victoria.
    • Thanks mate. I concur, those are great and helpful apps. For some reason, I find that BOM is less accurate than ‘The Weather Channel,’ as strange as that seems…

  • Additional apps:

    • InstantConsult - free; online GP appointments; 7 days: 6am - midnight; phone or video chat; 5-10 min wait; bulk-billed (depending on circumstances—I choose COVID tested and awaiting results); friendly and professional doctors and reception. Everything sent to mobile / email.

    • AppAdvice - free; daily app catalogue for free and ‘on-sale’ apps.

    • iOSnoops; daily app catalogue for free and ‘on-sale’ apps; review of apps.

    • Tody - free; task/habit/routine tracker/organiser; very visual; highly practical; very ADHD-friendly; very feature-rich (but not overbearing); tailored to cleaning tasks but can be used for life in general. Insanely good.

  • AppSpree. Additional free apps to ‘Apps Gone Free’ app.

    AppRaven. Additional apps to ‘Apps Gone Free’ and ‘AppSpree.’ Has entire catalogues of useful apps based on category.

  • Timehop : Great app to relive your memories every day across Multiple Social Media (Similar to On This Day: iOS Photo)

    FileMaster : Great File Manager, Transfer file across multiple devices via Wi-Fi. I use for PDFs, Photos and files.

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