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CASIO PRIZM FX-CG50 Colour Graphing Calculator $133.56 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good graphing calculator, suitable for the IB Diploma in EXAM mode (good luck to any November 21 students, also get off OzBargain and study) and potentially your local Year 11/12 course if graphing calculators are required. Might be able to be stacked with MAX10 for another $10 off for first time Amazon App user.

IB Diploma approved list: https://www.ibo.org/contentassets/e3e2d5a7b79e48f7a47f8973e7...

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      On a graphing calc you're gonna need to be just a little more creative..

      exp(-((x-4)^2+(y-4)^2)^2/1000) + exp(-((x+4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2/1000) + 0.1exp(-((x+4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2)+0.1exp(-((x-4)^2+(y- 4)^2)^2)

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        I don't get it?

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          Calculate it

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          just google the string and you will get a 3D rendering

          • @HeXa: Just a bit more fancy than turning your calculator upside down and typing 59009.

  • thks grabbed one …..pity they don’t come with a padded case as std.

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    Wow didn’t realise how times have changed from scientific calculators to graphing calculators now.

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      Uh.. They were around two decades ago. And they were advanced models by then (albeit slow and low storage space)

      • I guess this particular graphing calculator has graphics which looks pretty dope. Coloured graphics, graphics looks a little 3D, words next to graphics etc.

      • The Texas Instruments Ti 82/83 have the same cpu as the original game boy.

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    Don't forget the advancements in technology, you can now get a Casio calculator watch!

  • Damn, I hope for the kids of today these are faster than they used to be back in the early 2000's. Man they used to take their sweet as time drawing graphs.

  • What are the buttons like? My 1998(?) gb9850 plus needs replacing. I got a newer (2010?) model and the keys were kinda squishy.. Just not tactile enough. Unpleasant to use and i made more typing mistakes too

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    Just note a number of schools check for the FX-CG50AU version and will not let this calculator into exams. Annoyingly the CG50 version has more memory and is much cheaper.

    • Agreed, it is a big issue for most Year 11/12 students with the exception of IB students who should be able to use these as the approved calculators are the same worldwide.

    • Came on to post this but you beat me to it - we sometimes have international students who buy the overseas model and can't use it for their exam - thanks pbaz.

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