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As Australia is coming out of lockdowns, I was researching travel destinations and inevitably browsing my favourite Lonely Planet, luckily they are also having this deal.
Stay safe and enjoy guys.

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    Note that their website has everything at RRP + $3.95 shipping whereas they're all available much much cheaper elsewhere especially Amazon.

    $39 + $3.95 shipping -

    $22 -

    …and that's a brand new pre-order title that isn't even out yet.

    Hardly makes a BOGOF deal worthwhile.

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      Pre-pandemic I went to one of those Flight Centre sponsored travel expos. Lonely Planet had a stand there with a great range of titles on display, with their staff touting "Amazing Show-Only Specials".

      Fired-up Google Lense on the barcodes of the books I was interested in. Between Booko-linked merchants and Amazon AU, I probably saved a further 25% on their "specials". Placed the orders while still at their stand.

    • I bought 4 books at $35 each, so ended up paying $70.
      But yes, if you are getting 2 or 3 at different prices, amazon or booktopia are likely to have a overall better price.

  • Hi OP, are the guidebooks ( eg Southeast Asia, Hong Kong)still worth while ,given availability of online resources?


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      They are still worthwhile. There is so much information out there, but the guide books reliably distill all that information down, people still use travel agents and these read like a comprehensive travel agent trip notes.

      Best option is a combination of guide book + google maps reviews.

    • I know, we can get lots of information from everywhere.
      But I like the style of their books and I have a small collection of them.
      How I generally use them is to have some reference/inspirations.
      Once I get a rough idea of what I'm interested or what to expect of a particular destination, I can do more targeted research online.
      Personally I found it enjoyable and efficient.

  • Anybody has idea why this "GoCashBack" Engine is not working ?

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