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Corsair H150i RGB PRO XT 360mm Cooler $139 (Was $219), HyperX Cloud PS5 Headset $44.95 (Was $89) Delivered @ HT eBay/Amazon


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    That H150i is cheap - the LL fans alone are like $120

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      ML fans aren't they?

      Still a solid deal

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      The Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT has ML fans (Magnetic Levitation Bearings and non RGB), not LL fans.

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      They're ML - even better. I'd still get the Arctic Liquid Freezer II any day though.

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    Use "SPENDNSAVEMORE" on ebay to get H150i for $129

    • Oh shit I just bought the amazon one $139.00

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  • H150i for $129? Done deal. Cheers OP.

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    Great price.

    I want to need it. But air is fine. I can't even hear the stock cooler over my gfx card anyway (and I dont do content creation, so no need for cpu fan to be running unless gpu fan is too)

  • I have a 280mm unit right now with my i9-10850k. Worth buying this one? No problem fitting in my case (Corsair 4000d airflow)

    • I'm debating whether to get one as well for a 5900x with the same case (front mount only cause clearance). Especially with the temps heating up in Aus right now. Do I need to buy a fan hub?

  • Pulled the trigger 🔫🔫 and Got the 360aio. Thanks Op.

  • General question: is top mounted or front mounted ideal?

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      I prefer top mount where front only for intake with nothing on the way

      • How you using it as an intake?

        • They probably mean the top mounted rad is exhausting, and the front fans are intaking air that's mostly unobstructed

      • Cheers - I'm still currently on the fence between air or liquid, but I was thinking along the same lines if I went with liquid cooling

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          Just make sure you have a case that'll allow you to fit a 360mm AIO up top. Mine didn't so I opted for one front mounted and it ends up working really well.

    • For dust management, top is better.

      Front mount means you will have negative presure (assuming you have exhaust fans) leading to more dust in the case (and the rad).

      Top means you clean the rad and case less.

      -From my experience in a p600s with this same aio + 3 intake 140mm fans. + 1 exhaust 140mm.

  • Thanks OP, now I need a case to fit this aio lol.

    Any recommendations for a mATX case that can support 360mm radiator?

    • mATX case? Not likely.

  • Anyone can comment on the pair of headphone? Seems similar to hyperx cloud II or cloud alpha range, it being so cheap does make me wonder though

    • +2

      I bought a pair in the last deal for $50. I use them with my series X and love them. Very comfortable, mic is clear from the feedback I've received and they sound good to me (I'm no audiophile though). I couldn't find anything else that came close to the quality for the same money.

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    "AFTERPAY10" brings the HyperX Cloud down to $34.95

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    Any idea if its worth upgrading from a NH-D15 to this?

    • Nope, unless you do a lot of oc and don't care the noise level.


    • If your CPU temps are good enough I wouldn't.

      In my case with a similar tower cooler it's GPU temps I'm worried about

    • +1

      Unless you're not happy with the NH-D15 for whatever reason, air > watercooling for general purpose.

  • Thanks op, snagged one.

    The Corsair rad.

  • CPU Cooler OOS on Ebay.

  • got this for 130 like 6 months ago, extremely loud fans, really recommend you replace them with some p12's

  • Got the h150i for my fractal case.

    It wil not only cool my room down, but I can dance to the RGB goodness.

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    Tempted but have a NH-D15 and most games don't stress the CPU too much. My 3080 on the other hand sounds like a hair dryer in most games

    • Same, I'd love a noctua version of my 3080.

  • Grabbed the headphones. I have cloud IIs and I'm pretty sure these are the same headphones just blue and with 3.5mm connectors for PS4/5 and no USB adapter.

    • Hey, just wondering if the shape/build quality is the same as the hyperx cloud II after some comparison?
      TIA :)

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    Highly recommended this AIO.. quality unit.

  • Had one in my cart. Sold out as I went to purchase.

    • still in stock on amazon

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    Damm.. I missed out.. but what an awesome deal on the cooler .. thanks for sharing it ..

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      5 still in stock on amazon HT

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    Any more stock OP?

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      Click on the link and look for yourself.

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