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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $41.39 Per Year + $1 (+ $15.95 Expired Users) for up to 3 Years @ Eneba/BestPick (Need TR VPN)


A VPN to Turkey must be used for this deal. Only works on accounts with no active GPU (expired or new members).

Purchase Xbox Live Gold $41.39 per year for up to 3 years, and add 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 (new users) or $15.95 (expired users). The Xbox Live Gold subscription will then be upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Key for a year: $44.45
Service fees with PayPal/CreditCard: $3.24
Discount: -$6.22

End-price per year: $41.39

The Xbox Live Gold 12 Month end-price is $41.44 on Eneba (as indicated below), but the user must also redeem a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for new users and $15.95 for expired users to the whole price.
(Therefore slightly cheaper per month to buy three years (max)).*

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Buy up to three 12-month subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold.
  2. Connect to Turkey via VPN - (Recommend using the free Windscribe Chrome extension)
  3. Once connected, navigate to redeem.microsoft.com and sign in with your normal Microsoft/Xbox account.
  4. Enter the code as normal and redeem.

Any subscription on your Xbox account can be topped up up to 36 months.

  1. After you've activated the Xbox Live Gold, redeem the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate month from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate landing page.

(Will add $1 for new users and $15.95 for expired users to the whole price).

The (up to) 36 months of Xbox Live Gold should show as 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on your account now.

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  • Does this allow PC play?

  • +1

    Thanks, took all of 5 minutes between receiving 3 codes, using VPN to activate codes then redeeming ultimate offer

  • +1

    Wish i could top up instead … owell, I hope the $1 deal continues when i eventually run out.

    • How much longer you got on your existing sub?

  • +6


  • +1

    My Gamepass expires in 2 days. Would it be fine to purchase the cards now and activate then?

    • +1

      Yes good question, I just cancelled my subscription and it auto expires 31/10 so does that mean i need to wait until Monday?

      • +1

        yes. just make sure that auto renewal is off?

  • It says
    "Can't be activated in Australia Check restriction"

    If i VPN while on my Microsoft account, does that classify my account as turkey, or do just use the VPN?

  • +1

    So, if you have months of Xbox Live Gold on account, all months are upgraded when you buy a month of GPU?

    • yes

  • hmm nice

  • +9

    Eneba are a bunch of crooks with dubious business practices. Tread carefully.

    • +2

      Care to elaborate? Is it poor customer support or something else? My purchase with them about a month ago was seamless and without any issues, but I haven't shopped with them a whole lot to draw any conclusions

      • +6

        Eneba are like g2a. Black market with no source of key or how they were purchased (stolen credit cards etc). So basically, if shit goes wrong, that's on you. Websites like cdkeys are grey market, the keys are legitimate and purchased legitimately however they are generally from lower income countries where purchasing in bulk is fairly 'cheap'.

        • Yup. I had the same issue. Bought a deal through them advertised on ozbargain. Lost some money as 2 of the 3 codes didn't work as advertised / promoted by eneba And if I had already viewed the code then no refund…

        • Wow thanks for informing me, I had no idea that they sourced their keys like that. Have you heard of things going wrong before with using Eneba or any other service for that matter (with the whole 'if shit goes wrong')?

          • +3

            @NoiceMemes: It's been a big issue for many years, it especially hurts indie devs as it's a loss of income and when games are revoked due to fraudulent purchases, the indie devs get harassed by people who purchased the keys from the websites not knowing they purchased potentially stolen games. It's a lose/lose.

            Here's an older yet still applicable article from 2015.

            I've tried to bring it up with the mods but Scotty just said it's up to the user here to make their own informed decision which is fair but considering they've banned other products and stores it seems a little off not to outright ban these websites.

            But then there's the other side of it where it's not shady, people selling extra games from their humble bundles/monthly, it's a tricky slope.

            Personally I have purchased from g2a and eneba before (yes i'm a hypocrite) and have had no issues and you probably won't either, but there's always a chance you will have an issue and the websites will fall back on the "well we don't actually distribute the keys, we're just a marketplace". Basically, whenever you see added service fees or a 'guarantee' subscription service it's highly likely the website is shady as (profanity) and have no idea where the keys are from.

            You can see some reviews here: eneba, g2a

            Sorry for the wall of text.

            • +1

              @Kozhutki: Nah you're good mate, really informative stuff here. Will definitely consider this when purchasing keys in the future

            • @Kozhutki: Eneba - 4.6 stars of over 65000 reviews and that's bad?

              • @bchliu: No. I linked the 1-3 star reviews which label issues you can have.

    • +8

      Not trying to throw shade but this seems super suspicious.

      A regular OzBargainer posted this deal here with all the steps how to proceed (but with a different company) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654519

      It appears Eneba have jumped onto OzBargain after catching wind of this backdoor situation and just reposting the same deal but instead redirecting traffic to their store.

      I'm not against healthy competition but OP (iambRad) should have been at least credited and most of all it's a super shady business practice that a company that seemingly partners with Microsoft (how else would they sell microsoft products like this 12 month Live gift card) are capitalising and directing people to circumvent their partner's internal controls (I.e. Turkey Region for cheaper) to make money.

    • @Kozhutki has done an excellent job summarising the issues. Thank you for your added detail.

  • Thanks I redeemed the codes now I add the $1 subscription right? Do I need my vpn activated for that?

    • +2

      Turn your VPN off prior to upgrading with the $1 offer. You only need it to redeem the codes for 12 months each, then turn it off after they’re in your account.

      • Thanks heaps!

      • I left it on the entire time and it worked fine.

        Redeemed all the Live Gold codes, upgraded for $1, next renewal date 2024 :)

  • Works a treat. My account is showing game pass ultmate until oct 2024.

  • Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere but I wanted a bit of clarity:
    1. Is the cloud gaming same as GeForce Now, Amazon Luna etc. in that you can stream the games without a beefy GPU?
    2. Can you play the same games via the cloud steaming service that you have access to via your subscription or is it limited?

  • Thanks OP, worked like an absolute charm.

  • Worked for me too.


  • Thank you OP. I only bought one voucher but it works a treat and I regret not buying 3 years.

    Took 5 minutes and instructions worked without a hitch.

    Tried Xbox Cloud Gaming with Dirt 5 on my iPad and it worked absolutely flawlessly.

  • +2

    Hey guys, mine won't be expired until next year.

    Has anyone here tried to cancel their current GPU and try to get a new 3 yrs on this deal?

    • +2

      You can cancel but I don't think it lets you remove it so you will have to wait till your time expires.

  • Got mine working as well. The currency defaulted to Euro for me so I changed it to $ . Thanks OP.

  • my gamepass expired 20 days ago, and now MS is offering me another $1 first month, i guess this might be the last time i got, maybe i should jump onto this deal.

    • after login my account, looks like the $1 offer is gone. i may need to wait a bit longer see if MS will offer me again, sometimes they does that. only one more month until halo x relaease. come on MS.

      • Same thing happened to me, and I assumed it would after only cancelling a couple of weeks ago.

        But the way I see it is that if you've added more than 12 months of Live, then just paying the $15.95 means you upgrade to GPU for less than $1/month.

  • Premium… I bought it just because its cheap now at least it is there for the 1 time I'll probably play Age of Empires IV

  • I have xbox live (not gamepass, although had it a while back) that expires end December. Should I still buy 3x12months and do this??

    • should still work with your xbox live. if u get 3x12 months u might just lose the extra month u have as it converts your xbox live to gamepass (max 36 months)

      • It won't let me add the 3rd voucher because I have 2 months left on my original gold subscription

  • I am currently a Gold subscriber. Do I have to wait until my gold membership runs out before I can do this? or is it only people with an active Game pass that cant do it?

    • lol. same question as me!

      • Bought before it gets ozbargaind

      • Looks like a wasted $40. I couldn't add my third year because I have 2 months left to go for my current gold subscription

        • +1

          no expiry date just wait and add it in a few months

          • @4foxache: But I need to (should) hold off converting to Game Pass Ultimate until then right?

        • Chat to Xbox support. Tell them you want to add a year, but the system won't let you. They can do the following - they'll reduce the current sub (2 years + the 2 months) to 2 years and let you add the 3rd year. If they say they can't, tell them that a mate did it. You have a year, and want to top up to 36 months so you can upgrade to Ultimate. Explain that you don't want to risk the $1 upgrade being discontinued, so would really appreciate their help to do it now, rather than later.

    • do it

    • If you have Gold it should be ok - but if you want to be 100% sure chat to Xbox support. They'll sort you out. My understanding - you can't avail yourself of the Ultimate upgrade if you're on an existing Ultimate sub. I had an expired Ultimate sub. I bought 3 years of Gold and upgraded that. Needed to chat with Xbox support because I messed up the Turkey redemption, but they sorted that out for me.

  • Should I buy this on my second account or is there a way to cancel my current 3 months of game pass for pc?

  • never mind find it

  • +1

    That was a smooth buying experience.

    $40.64 per year in the end, plus the 1 month. PayPal and 28 degrees paying in Euro.

  • Damn, I just realised after purchasing 3 years worth that I have an existing Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Am I stuffed?

    • You have to wait

      • That's rough, I've already redeemed one by following the prompts ignorantly. March 22nd of 2022 it is.

        • so now you have both GPU and LIVE GOLD?

          • @ce5himm: I've got an existing GPU subscription until March 22nd of 2022 following the accidental conversion of one of these 12 month Gold keys into 4 months of GPU, yes. So I'll just cancel the recurring subscription and wait until the 23rd of March to redeem the remaining two key 12 month Gold keys.

            • @tsugnev: at least they don't expire

            • @tsugnev: Glad I read this before I clicked continue, Just gotta wait for my pass to expire next month and redeem my 3 codes.

        • Worth a try contacting Xbox chat support. Tell them what happened. You got confused, and messed up and need their help fixing. If you're lucky you'll get someone reasonable who will help. Anyway worth trying.

          • @OrderedChaos: Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try. I’m sure this happens to a few people each time this is posted haha

  • Why am i getting a screen saying it will be converted to 4months GPU?

    • +2

      because your current GPU is not expired yet. you have to wait until it's expired

      • I didnt redeem it so I guess i just have to wait till the 26th of november. Apparently these dont expire?

        • +1

          they don't

  • Been waiting for an offer like this to pop up again. Grabbed 24 months as I'm sick of stuffing around 3 or 4 times a year with codes. Thanks.

  • Sorry so I purchase a year of gold and then if I want to upgrade this year of gold to ultimate what do I need to pay and how often?

    • +1

      If you have already paid for a key worth 12 months, then you just need to activate said key and pay either $1 or $15.95 and all should be good. Then just buy more gold for GPU in a year's time

  • Getting "Failed to load payment client" when trying to use paypal?

  • Brilliant, thanks for this. Confirmed working on my end.

  • Could successfully activate 36 months ultimate pass. But when trying to browse game, xbox app shows: Xbox Game Pass is not available in your region. After some googling, I needed to change region setting from windows system to solve the problem.

  • For someone I got a few extra months?

    Next charge on 01/12/2022

    • You've bought a month of GPU, which runs to the end of November. Plus 12 months of Live converted to GPU brings you to that date.

      • Thank you for explaining. Makes sense. Shit my self for a bit because I had US date formats set, so it was showing as 12th of January.

  • I've got a existing sub for OneDrive. Any idea if that causes an issue with this method?

    • +1

      Won’t make a difference.

  • Did this work for anyone with an Xbox?
    Did you need to change any settings?

    • Will be fine for Xbox.

  • So this isn’t like the other type where you have to have an account that has an expired subscription?

    • +1

      make sure it is expired, otherwise when you convert you won't get the 1:1 conversion, you'll get 4 months instead of 1 year

      • Legend

  • Wait…so if i add the ultimate pass for $1, i get it for the duration of 36 months if i get the gold for that long? Im new to this and recently upgrades to win 10

    • Yeah if you bought 36 months and have redeemed it, then I think you have to pay that extra $1 for that offer or $15.95 but it will still give you 3 years worth of GPU

  • I have added my gold pass and disconnected from vpn and when tried to add ultimate pass getting an error as you are in different region.. am I doing something wrong?

    • Does your Xbox Live Gold subscription show the correct total term when you are not connected to VPN?

      • yes my gold subscription is showing valid till 2024.

    • Check your profile region on your Microsoft account. If that is not Aus you'll have an issue. I inadvertently changed it to Turkey, redeemed via VPN, then was stuffed. Changed it to Aus, but the subscription was linked to Turkey and refused to let me upgrade to Ultimate in Aus. Contacted Xbox support who thankfully fixed the mess for me.

      • yep thats what happened to me and luckily xbox support fixed for me as well…

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