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Circles.Life $8.99 for Six-Month SIM Plan with 15GB Per Month (up to $180 Value) @ Groupon

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Receive six months of mobile access with 15GB per month plus unlimited* standard national calls and texts

$9.99 for a six-month SIM plan with 15GB per month (total value up to $180) or $8.99 if use "spooky" coupon code
15GB data per month
Unlimited* standard national calls and texts
SIM card included
Powered by the full Optus 4G Plus network

Fine Print
• Must redeem by 31 Dec 2021 and Activate by 31 Jan 2022
• Limit of 1 promo code per person
• 7-day cooling-off refund period does not apply to this deal
• For new customers only. Eligible for both number transfers and new numbers
• Not to be used in conjunction with other promo codes
• First month’s bill will be prorated according to Circles.Life’s 5GB for $10 base plan. Subsequent 6 full months will be offset by the offer purchased on Groupon. E.g. If customer activates the 15GB plan on the 15th of November, they will be charged pro-rata cost of the plan for the 15 days of usage ($5). Hence, their November bill in this case will reflect as $5. Six subsequent months after this will reflect a $0 bill
• Plan will revert to $10/mth for 5GB per month after the first 6 months
• Unlimited refers to national standard calls and texts within Australia
• All for use in AU; resets monthly. Excess data: $0.01/MB
• An automated ID and credit check will be performed during the activation process as required by regulation; if found to be ineligible, you will not be able to activate your SIM card. In such cases, you may contact the Circles.Life customer service team for a refund
• If you are currently in a lock-in contract, there may be cancellation fees from their existing telco for early termination
• Personal Use and Fair Use policy apply: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir…
• Link to T&Cs: https://circles-legal.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir…
• Link to CIS: https://circles-legal.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/5GB…
• Link to Groupon Offer FAQ: https://circlesaustraliasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/section…
• Standard fine print for all deals

How to Redeem
• Redeem by: 31 Dec 2021
• Redeem online: https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/circles10/pre-checkout…
• Activate SIM by: 31 Jan 2022
• Activate SIM at https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/sim_activation/sim?res…
• After you purchase on Groupon:
(1) You will receive your Circles.Life promo code on your Groupon voucher within the voucher code field
(2) Key in the code into the Circles.Life page (https://au-activate-shop.circles.life/circles10/pre-checkout…) together with your relevant information
(3) Your SIM card will be delivered to your delivery address entered at the Circles.Life checkout
• Estimated delivery for metro customers is 2-5 business days
• Nationwide maximum delivery time is 10 days
(4) You will need to activate your SIM card by 31 Jan 2022 for the promotion to be applied

About Circles.Life
Circles.Life is an international telecommunication company. Powered by the Optus Mobile Network, it specialises in providing flexible mobile plans and internet data services.

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  • So is this 6 months or 3?

    • 6

    • Use Go to Deal. On Groupon page is the 'special' deal offer.

    • The first pain just came.
      I subscribed for the ($10 - $8 = $2)/month for 5GB.
      In the first bill, they charge me $7, with $5 pro-rata for the first half month, and $2 for the next month)

  • +9

    Worst part is the credit check :S

    • +11

      Agree, credit check for $8.99 is BS.

      • I generated a card using zippay and used that, the expiry on that card is only 2 months (at least for me)

        • +14

          Err… Do you know what a credit check is?

          • +3

            @0 0 0: The person obviously doesn't. It's not tied to a card, it's tied to a person - no matter what card or payment method you use to sign up 🤦

          • @0 0 0: err there was no 'credit check' for me. there was ID check but I just assumed that he means you had to put card details in

            • @CheapoJohnno: Have you checked your credit report?

              • @hawkeye93: years ago, not lately.. Should I?

                • +1

                  @CheapoJohnno: Circles.Life credit enquiry should be there. Check it.

                  • @hawkeye93: Ok thanks ill check it out, and yeah i was obviously confused about the whole thing but after looking into it seems other telcos also do credit check for plans which makes sense but for something that amounts to prepaid it seems a bit overboard

            • @CheapoJohnno: it will be there. I wasn't aware of it either til I found out months later.

              It's also in their terms and conditions on their website, their support rep pointed it out to me.

              • +1

                @adrianhughes1998: I don't understand, what's wrong with credit check?

                • @Averell: They just don't make it clear that that's going to happen.

                • +1

                  @Averell: each query will lower your credit.

                  It does matter if you are going to borrow loan from bank, such as home loan

                  • @gamesover: Yes this. So every time there is an Afterpay or similar promo and you take advantage of it, it wrecks the perception the bank has of you. You might pay everything on time but the bank doesn't care so much it's just a flag against your name that raises risk. Churning mobile plans on post paid would have a similar effect. I have a pretty clean history and still it was bloody hard to get a loan from the bank

    • +9

      No amount of dirt cheap deals is enough to make me go back to Circles.Life. I understand that it is post paid compared to Kogan / Amaysim etc etc, but still.

      The amount of complaints here about Circles.Life is galling.

      • +4

        your life will be in circles, go round and round as in circles life.. lots of circles

        • +4

          yep. all telcos are garbage but it took one look at their old website alone to realise you dont want to be dealing with these clowns

          a credit check is painful enough for what is a low value plan but $9 to have this performed?

          this is for the benefit of that company solely and the CUSTOMER pays for it?

          I wasnt all that comfortable with one of the majors doing this for free when I took a 24 month plan to get a $2,000 iphone but its a 2 grand phone. I understand it there but here?

          F this company in the goat ass.

    • +2

      To me, worse part is people's experience on how they calculate data consumption. Apparently using 1GB on your phone is accounted differently on their end, resulting in excess data charge. This means even setting a data limit on your device may not protect you from bill shock. I read some plans have the 3GB buffer, but even that it doesn't give me the peace of mind.

      Otherwise, a good price for 6 months plan

      • Seems those complaining didn't set (or set too high) data limits. And didn't read messages of high data usage from Circles… So were hit with excess data charges they had been warned about.

        Setting a Data Limit at the maximum limit in contract is always a risk!

        My Android mobile warns:
        "Data warning and data limit are measured by your device. This may be different to operator data."

        Best to set data limit below provider limit. And warning below that.
        Never been charged any excess by Circles (used many times in Deals) or other providers in years of use.

        Plus there are warnings of data use sent by Circles, encouraging buying data add on. "You've used 85% of the 80GB" etc

        And you can check data use measured on Circles site & app.

        So there's really no excuse for exceeding your data use.
        But it's a common complaint??

        • Because the usage and warnings are allowed to be up to 48 hours late.

          • @ValuexHunter: In my experience with many telcos, usage warnings are never in real time. They've always been delayed.

            Plus Emails or SMS can be delayed for various reasons! So they point out - it may have been delayed.
            But as there are multiple warnings - users should be aware of high usage.

            Found Kogan's usage warnings were very late last month. My phone warned me long before I received the messages over a day later!

            Better to regularly check usage on site / app. And on device.

        • I wouldn't say it is a common complaint, but has been repeated a few times on this forum. I also think the common theme with those complaints were related to their first month, which maybe their misunderstanding of how pro-rata usage works.

          That said, the lack on peace of mind on bill shock is something I steer away from

    • Hi 3zzy! We apologise for this since all our plans are under postpaid service where credit check is a requirement before being approved for the plan. Should you have other questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us via our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

      • you should make these more clear on your website, instead of buried in the terms and conditions.

        also, 4.7 star rating in the app store does not translate to ProductReview and TrustPilot.

        High ratings on an app on a phone, and how well it works on a device - doesn't exactly translate to the experience people have when signed up to a telco.

  • +1

    Quote '$9.99 for a six-month SIM plan with 8GB per month (total value up to $180)
    15GB data per month' End Quote.

    So it's an 8 Gb 15 Gb per month plan?????????? Is that 23 Gb per month .. 😂🤣😂 .. ??!!

    • Yeah I know, I just copy and pasted. *edited now

      • They must have pasted from old deal. It seems like 6 months with 15gb each month

  • +4

    Use code “spooky” and only $8.99. Op add to description

  • got one

  • Do they have roaming ? How that charge. If I just want receive SMS only while overseas. Do they charge it ? As most telco don't charge for received SMS.

  • +1

    Last time I used circles they didn't offer voicemail. Apparently it was a feature they were going to add, but just beware invade you need it.

    • I have voice mail? I have voice to MMS as a voicemail attachment. I have a s21 if that makes a difference

    • Yes, you're correct bloopzorm9. We are already working on adding the voicemail feature with the help of our partner Optus and it will be available soon! Should you have other questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us via our live chat support channels for further assistance. Cheers

  • I got mine within 3 days. Free.

    • Free?

      • Supposedly. Check earlier offer about a week back. But still haven't activate as this telco has bad rep.

  • +8

    think I will stick with Amaysim. Their customer service is the best and I don't have any issues with the actual service/plan. Whenever they have special deals for new customers, a quick chat with them gets a credit on the account to offset the deal for me. The first 3 months were free when they took 2 weeks to transfer the service from Optus (not their fault) last year, so they gave me enough credit for 2 months on top of the fact I had a deal where the first month was free. Then I changed to the 12 month plan in Dec, when they had $50 off for new customers and they gave me $50 credit to change to that plan. I get my credit paid through vouchers bought at Coles or Woolies with 10% discounted gift cards….so my discounted $200 plan cost me $135 for 12 months. I will be checking out any deals coming up to my renewal date in Dec. We did similar thing with my husband's account. He has the new $120 12 month deal $99 for new customers so they gave him $21 credit to change it over to an annual plan. We are both low users of data on our phones, so we only need basic plans with unlimited sms and calls.

    • +2

      Yeah I gotta second Amaysim, I wasn't expecting them to be excellent but they really are. They're the first mobile company I've been with that shows they actually care about their customers and upgrades your plan immediately if changes are made to said plan. Or heavily compensates you for outages or other things. Unlike other phone companies where they just keep you on what you signed up. My partner's mum is still on a credit plan…in 2021..where you can use your credit towards sending texts and making calls. That's Optus but I know Telstra did this to my grandparents too.

  • -1

    got one, thanks :)

  • Handy for a semi burner phone

  • Promo code never applies to Kogan Mobile deal.

  • +11

    Check the reviews in conjunction with comments in past deals on OzBargain.

    As a past customer, run as far away from them as possible.

    • +5

      Please do check out the comments in the past deals.

    • Most of the reviews are people going over their data and being charged in excess.

      For the kind of rates they use for excess data, it'd be wise to set a data limit through your mobiles settings to give a warning at 80% use and completely disable data at 95%.

  • +1

    circles.life was fine for me, until i wanted to change to a different carrier. i wasn't able to port my old number over so i had to get a whole new number.

  • No 3GB bill shock protection on this. Does have VoLTE and Wifi calling though.

  • +3

    Nothing against the OP but have to neg this to bring attention to the horror that is Circles.Life. They could offer unlimited calls and texts for free forever and I'd still advise peope to avoid them.

    The fact that they require a credit check for $9 should set off common sense alarms. Not sure why their "deals" still get posted here.

    • Im a layman here. Why is a credit check a bad thing? If you make enough and have enough?

      I get it's silly for a telco to do but what's the harm to me ?

      • +4

        Look up the difference between hard and soft credit checks. They did a hard credit check on me when I joined them (as if I was taking out a mortgage) as opposed to a soft credit check (like when you check your own credit rating).

        Hard checks can and do impact your credit rating and also stay on your record for a while. One here or there might be okay, but for a telco to do a hard check and over $9… well, that's just the start of their crap.

        • So the big 3 telcos do hard credit check as well?

          • +1

            @hawkeye93: Depends. Generally only when going on a post paid plan. A soft check would be enough if it's even needed at all.

            You'd have to check their current policies, but the last time I was on post paid was with Telstra and there was no credit check at all.

        • Thanks for clarifying.

          So for my personal situation. Majority equity on mortgage, owned vehicles and good income with no credit cards or afterpay shit it should be fine.

          But someone could be having a bad week , look to a deal like this to save costs and a frikkin phone deal could be what stops them from buying a car/house in 6 months time?

          • +3

            @ndftz: You don't need to be having a bad week. Some company's like Zip pay for example, have been known to do multiple credit checks and each one stays on your record for a few years but more importantly, it hits your credit score every time by 5-10 points.

            Although it's unlikely a good rating will be ruined with a single credit check for a future loan, having several checks in short period of time can, and it has a run on effect. Many people are unaware of having had hard checks for innocent enough reasons in the past and a hard check over $9 could be the one that then flags you even when you are still in good standing. Most older than 12 months won't be a big issue but it's 6-7 years before it's completely clean again.

            • @Freezies: Wait so you lose credit score simply by having a check no matter what?

              • +3

                @ndftz: A hard check deducts points, yes.

                • @Freezies: well (profanity) that. Going to try and cancel my order. Thanks champion

  • +1

    As above, check comments from previous deals and stay away

  • +2

    Why still no ban on this spooky dodgy telco scamming ppl in ozb or perhaps anywhere in community

  • +3

    Sorry, I didn't realise that Circles.Life were such a dodgy company. Should I get this "deal" unpublished?

    • +1

      No I don’t think so, There are enough warnings in this post against this telco , even after reading if someone still wants to buy it’s fine .. As you can one or two have good experience with them.

    • +1

      A deal is a deal at the end of the day. Circles have had a pretty shit reputation here on OzBargain, some is up to the user when it comes to going over data etc. But a lot like making it hard to port out, excess charges not being decent, credit check, are fair points to being slights on Circles.

      Circles doesn't make clear that they're doing credit checks as opposed to say Optus when you turn up to a retail store, when signing up to a plan. Circles have also come here on OzB and tried to simmer the flames, but have been met with hate.

  • if you got a dual sim phone better getting dodo $5 calls only for the first sim, then hunt for good data deals on the second sim and change them if required without screwing up your mobile number

  • +2

    Most complaints here about Circles relate to users not understanding this is a month-to-month plan, not prepaid! And it has different conditions & charges.

    But people complain & Neg about things they could have avoided! Plenty of advice in earlier Deals.

    There are different conditions, like plan starts on 1st of month & ends on last day of month.

    Joining after the month is started - you are charged pro rate, billed at full price! Even if joining on 1st of month!
    That can be an expensive shock!

    To limit the charge, I recommended & did this in earlier Deals: join last day of month each time, being charged 1/30 or 1/31 of full monthly rate (about $1). Then the discounted Deal starts on day 1 of following month.

    You need to have left by last day of final month (notifying them in advance or arranging a port that is completed by then) or you'll be charged for another month - likely at full price!

    Being a contract - there is a credit check.
    And unpaid charges will be pursued. That means until the amount is settled, you can't port out & are being charged at full price for the service.

    So understand the contract & conditions before signing up. Don't take unnecessary risks of exceeding data or not leaving as required in their FAQ.

    Otherwise stick with prepaid!!

    I've got great cheap data & phone service from Circles Deals over years. No complaints!

    But I spent time understanding the different conditions - Discussed in earlier Deals.

  • I can say that if you are after cheap data then amaysim or kogan are much better ..
    Also with the usual monthly cashback deals I have been jumping from woolies to amaysim and haven’t spent $1 in last 6 months.

  • Fyi There was a 6 month for free deal on here earlier this week

  • +1

    Been with circles for 8 months, never had 1 problem.
    3 other family members have all changed over to them as well and none have ever had problems either

    • -1

      Amanda born in 1992

      Wait until you try to port out and the hoops you will need to go through. This is a frequent occurrence and discussed in previous deals.

      I ported out, and they charged me again for another extra month. I complained and they said they will refund me, never did and again charged me a month later. I had to put a chargeback through my bank for 2 x transactions.

      • What's wrong with you? Keep spamming the same.

      • +1

        ported out, and they charged me again for another extra month
        Not if you follow the instructions!
        I've joined & left Circles many times without any problems!!

        You should have read Circles FAQ: "How do I cancel my Circles.Life service"'

        Took me seconds to Google "circles.life how to cancel"! Why didn't you??

        This is a month to month plan, not prepaid. You need to give notice you are leaving (up to 3 months in advance) or arrange a port out COMPLETED before end of final month! Otherwise you agreed to pay for service still in use the following month.
        Discussed above & in earlier Deals.

        Better to understand the conditions of plan you signed up to, search how to cancel / port, & read the useful comments in Deals of how to avoid any issues - than continually wrongly complain afterwards that it wasn't your fault…

      • Amanda born in 1992, are you referring to me? Who says I was born then?? Glad I didn’t see your earlier replies, must have been nasty if they were removed.

        I’m sorry you had a bad experience with them, but I haven’t, and have ported out with them before, and then went back to them

        Maybe you could message the rep and he could look into it for you

    • +2

      Thank you so much for showing your support to us, Amanda1992! We truly appreciate it!

  • +1

    Do not buy. They wont let you undo the purchase

    • +1

      So they wont let you cancel the plans?

      • I cant cancel the initial order .

        Seems I’m down $9

        • +1

          But you can still use it for 6 months right?

          • @kypermaster: Well others have told me the credit check isn’t worth the $9 regardless of financial position so yeah I’m not down for that.

            I was going to just throw it on a backup android phone and use it for tethering and testing. Not worth it for the fiscal profile raping

            • @ndftz: Wait so actual cost for use is $18!?!?!?

              • @kypermaster: I’ll never know as I paid the $9 and I’m not going to use this service.

    • +1

      Didn't you read the Deal?
      A condition to get at this price is…
      7-day cooling-off refund period does not apply to this deal

      Now the credit check has likely been done, you say you don't want 6 month service you paid for…
      That makes no sense!!

      • ah thought it'd be done at time of activation.. Well in that case i'll use it

        • +1

          Can ask Circles or check your credit history. You entered into a contract with Circles at time of sign up & payment. So credit check would usually be done then.

          Any checks are something some people avoid! Everyone's circumstances are different. Its never affected me.

          My credit history was very boring - last time I checked. And I've joined & left Circles a few times over the years. Have been great Deals!

          But watch out for exceeding data limit & giving notice when you are leaving!


  • So total cost for this will be $18? Not $9?

    • Why?

  • +1

    I am with circles life and I have no complaints……. guess I am one of the rare ones

    • We're so glad to know you're happy with our service! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Cheers

      • So if I purchase this, would I have to pay for credit check of $9?

        • Why? Where does it say that??
          lts part of Circles normal administration process when you sign up.. You don't pay for it, they do.

  • Paid yesterday and SIM arrived today, will activate when my Amaysim plan expires in December.

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