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[Pre Order] TEFAL FR8040 Oleoclean Deep Fryer $139 (RRP $199) Delivered @ Harvey Norman


For additional $24.95 add 2 Years Product Care Replacement. Better value than getting 1 Year. | Website indicates Pre-order however local stores have stock/call to verify. | 7% Upsized Cashback on $50~$250 Gift cards that can be used in-store or online @ Shopback AU

Take a close look at OleoClean Pro, a smart semi-pro fryer that automatically filters the oil. Every time you cook with your fryer, the oil is being filtered by a metallic sieve and that's how you get crispy homemade French fries for everybody. It also features an exclusive cool zone system, so no leftovers get burnt and you don't experience unwanted smells during cooking.

  • Capacity: 3.5 L of oil / Up to 1.2 kg food
  • Automatic oil filtration system: automatically drains and filters the oil
  • Adjustable temperature settings: 150° to 190°
  • Features a transparent lid to viewing cooking process

Official Tefal AU site

Same Price at David Jones See last post for comments

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    For additional $24.95 add 2 Years Product Care Replacement. Better value than getting 1 Year.

    For $0 add no extended warranty because Australia Consumer law.

    • To avoid arguments use a Platinum credit card for extra year of warranty.

  • +7

    Cheaper here with free metro shipping. $133
    Screw Jerry.

    • +3

      Exactly, Jerry's screwed us enough.

    • I did see its $133 at the time of posting however shipping cost to postcode 3000 is $7.99 with some Free pickup locations | postcode 2000 is $14.82. Good luck if its free shipping.

  • Bought this 3 years ago for $150. It does a good job and the oil filter compartment is handy if you don't fry too often

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    Don't buy from Harvey Norman unless you're absolutely sure that you are costing them. They already got $20M in jobkeeper for themselves, they don't need to profit off you too

  • +2

    Love how the reviews are from 6 years ago but it's a "preorder". Good ol' HN.

    (Modified automatic ref link from catch)

    Buy from one of these instead to not support HN:
    $139 at David Jones, Bing Lee on Catch and $133 at Billy Guyatts

  • +4

    lol in what world is paying any amount for extended warranty good "value" on a $140 deep fryer?

  • As someone who has a deep fryer for fish and chips, the "oleoclean" sounds like an absolute gimmick.

    Just buy a $30 plain fryer from kmart, and I very much doubt that you will waste anywhere near $100 worth of oil in a decade.

    • I always thought those deep fryers would be a lot more expensive than… $29. Or $20 for the cheaper version. Is there much difference though comparing to say frying in a wok full of oil?

      • I'm afraid I don't know, but we bought a Bellini deep fryer from Target 10+ years ago. It look approximately the same as the $29 KMart one, there's nothing to go wrong with it, just change the oil when it looks bad.

      • Automatic temp control.

        Of course wok or any pan, a thermometer and a timer would do the trick.

    • The one i bought from Kmart wouldn't get to the set temp (i used an instant thermometer to confirm) . No wonder the chips i put in was still pale minutes after.

      Contemplated on getting a replacement but decided not to take the risk.

    • +2

      I have an old version of this and the oil draining system is worth the extra money. It's so easy to drain and clean the unit.

  • +1

    Anyone who has owned a deep fryer would know that the mess they can make cleaning or changing the oil is an absolute nightmare, this seems like a decent fryer, not sure it's the cheapest deal out there and expensive for a fryer, but will be the next one I buy.

  • +1

    I own one and must say the oil filtering works fine. I just wish that Tefal makes a smaller unit coz that will require less oil each cook.

    One word of caution: make sure the drained oil container is empty before filtering to prevent oil from spilling over and causing a big mess.

  • I own one as well and the oil collection system is excellent.

  • I too own one and can say it works great! I love that it filters the oil and then stores it. I don't care where you buy it from, just buy one if you fry food haha

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