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Roasted or Roasted & Salted Cashews 750g $9.50 @ Woolworths


This popular deal is back once again.

Sale price equates to $12.67 per kg.

Regular price is $16.

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    Bought a bag thinking these are local… But… Yea… Nah..

    • You didn’t think to look at the country or origin before purchase?

      • Do Australians grow cashew?

      • I have misplaced my faith in WW supporting local… Well… They do sell alot of non local bacon.

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    Thanks OP, just ran out the other day. Good timing.

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    Are these as good as getting roasted by jv?

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    Product of Vietnam again?

    • -1

      Like it or not, but you're going to find very few cashews from Australia and certainly no where near this price.

      Personally I prefer the ones you get from Costco (Vietnam like most), but these are okay, and certainly work well for cooking etc. I generally buy the salted version as they taste better one their own and just use less salt from other sources when cooking.

      • I would rather pay double for local goods. But hard to find. Similarly with bacon and the like.

        Not only for foods originated from Asia, but also the EU. Watched a four corner esp regarding food fraud in EU… Catching up to Asian countries fast…

  • tried them at the previous deal at WW
    maybe I got a bad batch
    the cashews had an uneven crunch as if some of them were overroasted and some under
    they tasted uniform ie none of them tasted burnt
    my 2c

    • +1

      I find homebrand cashews tend to have an uneven texture. Personally I prefer the over-roasted extra crunchy ones. Taste/seasoning is generally consistent. If you want consistency Nobby's nuts may be better.

      Smoked almonds at Woolies also pop off if you're in to salty, crunchy almonds

      • find homebrand cashews tend to have an uneven texture.

        so I was not imagining it

    • my 2c

      So does that makes it your 1.6g worth?

  • +1

    Looks like I will be eating these in 2 days time right alongside with my recently just bought Brazil nuts from Aldi. Yey! It's great to be international. Mwaah!

  • A handful of nuts is a healthy snack.

    • I find this hard to swallow.

      • +1

        Suck it up.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660491

    If anyone is after local nuts @ $50/kg.

  • You can grow cashew in Australia. But processing is labour intensive. So cheap unethical labour is behind all cashew nuts sold in supermarkets.

  • Price is $16?

    • I bought a bag in-store over the weekend and it cost $9.50. I presume it may be an in-store only special?

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