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[Hack] Zinger Crunch Combo with Extra Side for $8.75 @ KFC [App Required]


Realised you can grab the new Zinger Crunch Combo with an extra side for $8.75.

Just go into Colonels offers, select burger combo deluxe and edit the burger as following:

  • remove: Lettuce and Mayo
  • add: Cheese Slice, Crunchy Slaw, Corn Chips and Jalapeno Mayo

This brings your total to $8.75. Considering the app lists the Zinger Crunch Burger Combo as $10.95, that's a pretty decent saving of $2.25. Then, when you factor in the extra side you get, you're pretty much robbing the place.

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  • +3

    That's cool unless you want delivery which costs more than the order 😭

    • +2

      Ah man, yea KFC delivery is always so expensive…

    • +2

      Hate how no promotions on it either, so even if you have Dashpass/Uber Pass etc or a free delivery code you can't use it for KFC

      I wouldn't mind paying a little extra on menu items for it to be included in Dashpass.

      • +2

        Deliveroo Plus appears to cover KFC

        • Oh that's awesome, don't use Deliveroo much but will shortly change!

  • +5

    Could just use a survey receipt for free chips and drink of course, which would make the Zinger Crunch Burger Combo $7.95.

    • +3

      Yea true. You could always apply the same logic to just the burger though 😉. Grab yourself that Zinger Crunch for $7.25 instead.

      • +2

        Ok I get you now… yea $7.25. Could still get the free chips and drink with that too haha.

      • How do you guys use the survey code from an App receipt?
        My receipts in the App never show time/date/order# etc but I guesstimate and still get a survey code which I write on a post-it note and take with me to the store.
        Is this what everyone does? The window-cashier always has to "ask a manager" when I do this, lol.

        • +2

          My receipts in the App never show time/date/order# etc but I guesstimate and still get a survey code

          I did this too and took a screenshot of the code, which I've been using ever since. The guy who served me the other day when I got the 10 for $10 wicked wings and nuggets deal asked me in a curious tone "is that a screenshot?" lol, but I just said it's from a recent order and he didn't question it further.

          • @MiscOzB: that was my conclusion too, thanks for responding mate

      • Zinger crunch burger is $8.95 at my local

        • +1

          You can customize just a Zinger burger (in the "Burgers" category) with these changes to make it like a Zinger Crunch burger.

  • +40

    you had me at robbing the place

  • +4

    Should add "[Hack]" to the beginning of the deal title, OP.

  • +1

    $10 popcorn chicken bucket seems to be back too

  • My local kfc has disabled ordering through the app

    • Maybe just order at the store as per the instructions in the post.

  • +2

    Isn't a Burger deluxe combo (with 2 sides) only $7.50 anyway?

    • +4

      Yes, but he's turning it into a Zinger Crunch by adding cheese, corn chips and slaw.

  • +1

    Lettuce and Mayo

    So I will need to byo lettuce and mayo?

    • +2

      Na you're more than welcome to leave both those things on. I'm just trying to replicate the new Zinger Crunch Burger

      • +1

        Of note is that one doesn't save anything by removing the lettuce and mayo so in true OzBargainer fashion, we may as well keep the lettuce and mayo and fool ourselves into thinking we're eating something slightly healthier.

  • +2

    Jalapeno mayo. that sounds right up my alley. might keep the lettuce on though

    • +4

      It'll be somewhere in your alley afterwards.

  • +1

    Good work Op, only option they should add is meal in box or bag 🤣

  • +1

    That's great, as long as you can select burger combo deluxe..
    It's not appearing in my app…
    This bites…

  • +1

    Another option if you're counting every dollar is to select the double tender burger and add in the corn chips,slaw,cheese and jalapeno mayo. Add the survey free chips and drink and you have a complete meal for $6.25.

    • $7.25 at my local

  • $2.20 not $2.25 ;)

    Good deal!

  • +1

    Just got it for lunch, thanks OP.

    • How was the burger?

      • +1

        It was great! Love the crunchy corn chips!

        Can't go wrong for $8.75.

        Shoutout to Haymarket KFC, always great food.

  • +2

    So what's the consensus on this burger? Any good?

  • Normally dont like these "hacks" but this one is a banger

  • +1

    Amazing value, thanks for sharing

  • It's $7.45 in QLD

    • Yep, that's the price without the hack.

  • Anyone make a Stacker Zinger Crunch burger yet? :-D

  • +1

    I just tried the hack. The guy at the drive thru counter had a smile on his face when he checked my order.

    Of note was that I didn't take off the lettuce and mayo and it tasted pretty darn good. If only KFC got rid of their outdated coleslaw recipe and replaced it with slaw and a better coleslaw dressing. But for now, lets just enjoy the Zinger Crunch whilst we can.

  • Zinger crunch burger combo is $11.95 at my local, makes the $8.75 hack above even better value
    (Burger combo deluxe is still $7.45)

  • +1

    You can add supercharged sauce for extra heat. You also save 30 cents by can adding the coleslaw from your second side of the combo.

  • +2

    This offer is too good, just got it again!

  • Finished?

    • Na this deal should still be going till Monday when they get rid of the zinger Crunch

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