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2 Whopper Juniors $6 (Was $12) Pickup @ Hungry Jack's via App


Exclusive to the app and available until 15 November 2021, Hungry Jacks are now offering 2 Whopper Juniors for $6

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    I want bacon

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    The prices of these damn things keep going up, $6 used to get you 2 Whopper Juniors AND 2 small fries.

    • And it's not like they're using any more 'premium' meat lol

    • I remember when that deal was $4.95. Had it too many times for lunch when I was at uni.

    • Came here to say the same. It was my go-to deal back then.

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    For an extra $1.25 you can get 2 small fries from their voucher menu.

    Phone is fine.

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    $6 for a whopper junior is the RRP? yikes

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    If it was for 2 whoppers, that would be interesting.

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    725 deal with 2 small chips better

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    2 Whoppers Junior

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    Whoppers and Whopper Jrs should come with cheese standard change my mind.

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      The cheese isn't great. Like, none of the fast-food cheeses are good.

      Instead, I ask for extra "Spicy Sauce" (ask after you order; if you ask when you order, they'll usually charge. When you ask after they'll usually throw it in for free because they CBF)

      It's like chipotle mayo or something. Pour half a dipping tub onto each burger - so good. Better than cheese, and free.

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    I think it’s “Whoppers Jr.”, like Governors-General or passersby.

    • upvoted for accuracy.

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