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Finish Classic Tablets 110 Pack $12.99 (Free C&C) @ Chemist Warehouse


Finish Classic tablets from Chemist Warehouse with free C&C, same deal the same as in the past, works out to be 11.8c per tab.

Finish Classic Lemon Sparkle is the #1 recommended brand (recommended brand by renowned dishwasher manufacturers. AEG Electrolux, Bosch, DeLonghi, Dishlex, Smeg, Siemens and Westinghouse) - Everyday clean. With pre-soaking action.

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  • @ Chemist Warehouse

    Damn, I obviously need to take my shower game to the next level!

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    Good for cleansing covid dishes

  • Great just in time..I am almost finishing the pack from last 110 pack cwh deal.

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    If you want free delivery and don't want to spend $50, can get 2 packs from MyChemist delivered for $25.98 using the coupon "FS7824".

  • Seems like they get rid of the red ball? Reckon it’s still there in older version.

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      you can use a red texta

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      Maybe because it's pointless.

      The Red Ball is supposed to be rinse aid, which you need at the end of the washing cycle. Not the start when the tablet gets released.

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        • Wait…so i've been double downing on rinse aid this whole time?

          One from the Powerball tablet, the other from the rinse aid we put directly into the machine 0.o

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    overpriced IMHO….just get the Aldi ones, as they are actually supposed to be better than these entry level ones.

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      I use the powder, works just as good as everything else just cheaper.

      • Wouldn’t powder be more expensive per wash? I see catch sells 2kg power for $19.

        The tablets are 1.7kg for 110 units.

    • I agree! Aldi ones do the job perfectly and are far better value for money. But each to their own.

      • Aldi ones are more expensive than this deal though..

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          Yes, sorry, the unit price is better with this deal however, I think the Logix ones are better value for money with how good they are washing the dishes. I've tried both and Logix gets some serious tough stains off my big baking dish compared to these Finish branded tablets.

    • Logix Dishwashing Powder?

      • no, I use the 18 in one tablets, pack of 40 Or even Coles Ultra for $6 for 40…I get these when I have spend $XX for 4 weeks deals to go towards the spend.

        • thanks buddy! Will give local Aldi a spin on this gem!

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      These work better in my dishwasher than Aldi. YMMV.

      Also, CW purchases could be combined with Casrewards/Shopback bonuses unlike Aldi.

    • Aldi isn't always the solution to a better deal.

      • I didn't say it was a better deal, I said it was a better product compared to this entry level one from Finish. They have a 10 in 1 product for just over $4 for 40 and an 18 in one that is rated highly by choice for $6.79 for 40…yes that is more expensive than this deal per piece, but it is the equivalent in quality to the top ones from Finish. They have all the inbuilt features like rinse aid etc that this doesn't and is prob kinder on the glasses.

        • They have a 10 in 1 product for just over $4 for 40 and an 18 in one

          That doesn't make them better.
          They are just counting things that you might not even notice or need.
          'multi layered coloured tablet' could be one of the 18 things. Does it make a cleaning difference?

          They have all the inbuilt features like rinse aid etc

          Which is a waste because you want the rinse aid at the end of the washing cycle which is why your dishwasher has a seperate compartment for the liquid and adds it to the final rinse.

          • @spaceflight: that was on the dishwashers in the beginning before there were products containing it. You can buy the basic tablets and add that into your machine or you can buy they multi tabs that have it in there already. Look mate, you buy whatever floats your boat and I will stick with my products. We will agree to disagree on this.

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    powerball or gtfo

    • Yea also like the one with the smartie more

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      powerball gang unite

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    "#1 recommended brand"

    This is just a reciprocal marketing agreement. Not a value statement.

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      Really in depth video on this

      • That was the first Technology Connections video I saw, but have watched a bunch since. Good content.

    • Also a lot of the brands that make the recommendation are owned by Electrolux so it looks like lots of recommendations but it is only one.

      It's also a design agreement as some of the brands make their dishwashers so the detergent holder is shaped to make it look like you need to use tablets and is hard to put powder in.

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    Anyone know where to get NON Lemon Scented dishwashing tablets? Hate the fake lemon smell.

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      For garbage bags every single option is foul scented at Woolworths. Bunnings was the go to solve that artificial scent problem.

      I'll be looking for non-scented dishwashing tablets again in 10-12 months - the last multi-buy of this Classic without scent and with the red ball is still going well for me.

    • That was my first thought also, then I checked the box below my sink and lo and behold, it's lemon scented. I swear I haven't noticed it once 😅

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    The older ones with the powerball are much better than these new ones IMO

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    I have these from these deals and I use them sometimes but honestly prefer the Premium options for the rinse improvements and dry results (esp on plastics). I bang these through when I have a bunch of large trays and bowls though.

    At these prices washing by hand is for mugs.

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      At these prices washing by hand is for mugs.

      What do you mean, these are expensive.

      You can buy powder for $4 for 1kg and that will do about 60 washes.

      That's a lot cheaper than tablets

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        Time saving of just chucking in a tablet is worth the few more cents?

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          You mean the extra time needed to unwrap each tablet and dispose of the wrapper?

          Plus with powder you can use less if you have a smaller load or things are not very dirty to save even more money.

          • @spaceflight: These tablets need unwrapping? Shame

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            @spaceflight: Get ones with a disolving wrapper (and beat with a stick anyone who reaches into the packet with wet hands.)

            • @Chiang: I had one brand of dissolving wrapper, but the wrapper was too big and got stuck in the receptacle. I had to remove the dissolvable wrapper for those anyway.

      • Labour costs. 20 mins to wash 3 times a day on minimum hourly rate of say $15 is an easy $105. Dishwashers pay for themselves in just weeks. The water is neutral if not better in a dishwasher - it is better BtW.

        If everyone who uses a plate or cup puts it away then you just add a tablet and press 2 buttons as you go to bed. Peace dividends as well. Never again will I fight with a roomate or spouse about dishes. Usually the first person to make toast has it unloaded in the time it takes to cook.

        The power may be even cheaper but the ease of tablets with kids and dust in eye risk is my preference.

        • Labour costs. 20 mins to wash 3 times a day on minimum hourly rate of say $15 is an easy $105.

          You pay someone to do the dishes?

          The water is neutral if not better in a dishwasher - it is better BtW.

          The electricity cost is higher in a dishwasher.

          The power may be even cheaper but the ease of tablets with kids and dust in eye risk is my preference.

          The colourful tablets in an open box that kids like to put in their mouth compared to the dishwasher powder with a child safe lid?

          • @spaceflight: I value my time. Esp at night with my family around.
            So does the light in the kitchen. Still worth it. It was a typo. Meant powDer.
            My kids aren't that dumb/young. But even I often get powdery residue on my fingers opening the plastic wrappers. And I don't like the plastic wrapper. I just prefer the soluble wrappers.

            If you like the powder that's cool too.

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    I ended up chucking these once I managed to get supply of Powerball ones. Huge difference.

  • Use powder for a better clean.
    Choice reviews are rigged…

  • Just bought the Aldi one , $17.00/100,

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