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Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) $233.75 Delivered ($183.75 w/ Klarna from 9-13 November) @ digiDIRECT


Update 2: neither code now works. Should still be a good price though with just the Klarna deal at $229 delivered (from 9-13 November).

UPDATE: there's an even better discount code with 15% off. Credit to Slurped.
This may be able to be stacked with the Klarna offer, as Coupert states the code expires on 16 November. This would bring them down to $183.75. Credit to stonks.

Went looking for some deals with the Klarna offer and found what should be (as long as prices/Klarna terms don't change) some very good prices on Airpods.

The Klarna deal should bring Airpods 3rd Gen at digiDirect down to $225 delivered without any code (from 9-13 November), but I came across this 10% off code listed for digiDirect at Shopback who also currently have 4% cashback, and it brings the Airpods down right now to $247.50 which is the cheapest price so far. If the 10% off code were to still work on 9 November, it would bring them down to $197.50 with the Klarna offer (but it seems it won't as Shopback have an expiry date of 08/11/2021 for the code).

I also came across Airpods Pro for $299 delivered at OzSale (sold and dispatched by Skyphonez), so with Klarna it would bring them down to $249. The Klarna offer for OzSale runs from 9-11 November. Klarna currently isn't an option at OzSale so I'm assuming it will become an option either from or before 9 November.

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  • Nice find

  • Pretty good find if Airpods Pros are not for you.

    • Geez, updated pricing makes this a great deal.

  • Is this AU stock for this and ozsale items?
    I read somewhere that Amazon has non AU stock so warranty is different

  • +2

    Not a lot extra for pro. Why would people get this?

    • +10

      Because I don't like in-ear headphones with the silicone tips and love the fit and ease-of-use of my 2nd gen AirPods.

    • +23

      Some people dont enjoy using rubber, they say it doesn't feel as good.. ;)

    • Don't want ANC, turning it off is not the same, always got that white noise effect in the background.

      • Isn’t that the whole point of ANC? Ofc there’s a huge different between on and off

        • If im in a quiet environment or just going outdoors for a walk, I much prefer to use my airpods 2 over my airpods pros. I use my airpods pro on public transport mostly. My mum keeps losing her airpods so I might give her my old ones and upgrade my own set once the Klarna deals roll around.

    • I agree but as the others have said (and im one of them) I cant use the rubber tips of any size so these are perfect for me

    • Because these sound better

    • I read that AirPod Pros are Apple’s most returned product. I can’t stand them, they hurt to use.

  • +8

    I have all three Airpod types (Pro, Gen 3 and the original/Gen2)

    The Pro are the easily the best if you're in even a slightly noisy environment (e.g. just walking down a relatively busy street) and want to block out the outside noise - but as others mentioned some don't always like having the in-ear installation

    The Gen 3 are fine, but personally if I'm going for the loose fit rather than in-ear I reckon the original/Gen2 were easier to put in the ear and more comfortable to wear. The Gen 3 are "bulkier" than I was expecting (thats what happens when it's covid/lockdown and you can't go and try before buying :)). That said the Gen 3 seal a little better in the ear so have better sound and deal with external noise better (not anywhere near as good as the Pro but better than the original/Gen 2)

    • +6

      Gen 1/2: for those who like it long and thin
      Gen 3: for those who like it short and thicc
      Pros: for those who like it short, thicc and safe

      • Pros: for those who like it short, thicc and safe

        depends on how/where they are inserted.

  • I got these a week ago. I cant wear them around they are totally going to fall out.

    2 weeks tops until one lands in a toilet while taking a piss .

    I’m going to dive deeper and buy the pros once I can get a discount on the MagSafe version

  • What is the size compared to the earlier wired Apple headphones? Are they similar? The wired ones fit me well.

  • +5

    I just found that DIGIHON15 works for 15 percent off. Total came to $233.75

    • +3

      Coupert tells me this code expires on the 16th, so unlike the code OP posted this will probably/hopefully stack with the Klarna deal

    • Didn’t for the pros (rn at least)

    • +1

      Great find mate, credited you in the OP.

      Also thanks @stonks, credited you too.

  • 3 sound better than 2.

    I think 2 might have been a little louder, but that’s only going to be an issue walking alongside heavy traffic or something.

    Not entirely sure if one fits me better than the other. Both fit okay. Neither fit spectacularly. We’re all different anyway.

  • +1

    Just be aware there's a high pitch sound or hiss from one or both sides when they are connected to a device but nothing is playing and the issue is getting attention at least on Apple discussion forums and Reddit. Not sure how easy is it to get them replaced or get a refund at DigiDirect. A good deal if you manage to get a pair without this issue as it seems to be luck of the draw. The latest firmware didn't fix it (4B61). Mine had it and I had to return them to JB.






    • Aren't we able to go to the apple store directly if that's the issue?

  • +1

    Is this AU stock? I mean will it have warranty?

    • DigiDirect sells AU stock so I would assume it has AU warranty.

  • Thanks going to use the discount on a lens.

  • how do you stack code with klarna?

    • +1

      Apply the code first, then checkout with Klarna.
      Don't buy with Klarna right now of course - Klarna offer starts 9 November.

      • ahh ok! thank you!

  • Both DIGIHON15 and DIGIBACK10 don't appear valid to me - is there something special I should be doing? Still waiting for Klarna to apply of course…

  • Same problem, discount code doesn’t work for me either, unless there is a special way….

  • Ordered last night, DIGIHON15 worked. Called sales rep this morning to confirm when it would be dispatched and is sold out and they are receiving another batch in 2 weeks time according to him.

    • looks like they took in more orders than they should have. I just received an email about the delay, hopefully we will get it in a couple of weeks!

  • Officeworks price is $279

  • I try few days ago code work, but now is the code not working anymore?

  • +1

    No code to additionally use unfortunately but Klarna deal still gave a good price. Thanks OP

  • +1

    If it helps anyone TOPBARGAINS10

    $10 off $100 spend to add to klarna deal

    Looks like too many people jumped on the 15% off

  • +1

    Got this using Klarna and TOPBARGAINS10 code for $10 off. Totalled $269.00 with Klarna covering the final payment (max $50) should bring it to $219.


    • do you have delivery date?

  • Not sure what's up with Digidirect but the click frenzy pricing doesn't apply when I login…

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