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WORX WR139E Bundled with Garage $1,399 (Was $1,778) + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas) @ Robot Lawn Mowers Australia


WORX 20V Landroid Robot Lawn Mower 500m2, dedicated App, Cut to Edge, Automatic
3 Years Warranty
Re-designed from the ground up
Awarding winning, fully automated robotic lawn mower cuts up to 500m2
APP capable for instant operation and control
Intuitive layered interface for customized working schedules
Patented mowing AIA cutting technology ensures it can pass through narrow paths with ease
Cut to Edge - Offset 3-blade cutting/mulching system for closer edge cutting
Innovative electronics allow for mowing on hills and slopes
Two independent brushless wheel motors
Rain sensor tells it to return back to charger station
Configurable to your needs. Choose from five unique options
Automatic over the Air Software updates
WORX 20V PowerShare battery platform. Landroid share's its battery with all WORX 20V cordless tools
Tested on Buffalo turf, designed for Australian conditions
Dedicated in-house after sales service team & full suite of spare parts
Full suite of spare parts available
Motor torque bumper detection system
Can be configured to cut up to 4 separate zone


1x WORX Landroid
2x Wire repair connectors
2x Spare blade kits
1 Allen Key
1x Charging base
8x Anchor Screws
180x Wire pegs
1x Power Supply
130m Boundary wire
1x 20V 2.0Ah Battery
1x Boundary Wire distance gauges
1x Bertelsen ruler

There are other models available as well
WORX WR140E Bundled with Garage - was $2,078 now $1,659

WORX WR150E Bundled with Garage - was $2,378.00 now $1,899.00

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  • -3

    Does this worx well ?

  • +3

    Does it include a baby mower ?

    • +1


    • That's adorable JV

    • No, it only includes baby garage.

  • +1

    If you're confused what an "included garage" is… It's this: https://robotlawnmowers.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Co...

  • Looks more like a mini carport (probably should say mowerport) than a garage.

    • -1

      the insurance might charge a premium for not being garaged in a locked up place

  • Does it do well in Robot Wars?

  • Not sure why they don't even list flip up garage on their official site. It's available through Amazon

    • Can you share the link as I can't find it.

      edit: Found it. More than double at $399 though. Not sure why I would want to pay that much for a sheet of metal.

      • I know right 😅 it flips tho

  • -1

    Bundled with Garage

    What is postcode of the garage? 1 or 2 cars?

  • +3

    Had one of these for almost two years. Really good, as long as your put in the effort to install the boundary wire correctly.

    I would avoid the triangle turns it recommends when setting it up to do a 90 degree turn and instead make it drive in a smooth arc otherwise it will end up wearing a hole in your lawn and get stuck every time.

    • so you don't use it anymore?

      • I do. I dug up the wire and re-layed sections.

        Also make sure you place the charging base after at least two metres of straight wire or it will come to the base at an angle and miss the charging points half the time.

  • Wow. Cool product. I'm intrigued on how well or bad this robot mower works. Imagine not doing the lawn by hand anymore and can do something else or just sitting and sipping bourbon while watching it does its thing. Yeah, that'd be great I reckon.

    • You still have to use line trimmer for the edges

      • +1

        Not if your lawn is levelled with the concrete as it cuts to edge.

    • I bought one after a lot of thought. It does the job. Overall seems like something high school kids designed. It’s genius may be its simplicity. I had issues with cut boundary wire once in first few weeks, it got stuck many times - it ain’t smart. You are likely going to have to fiddle about with it post purchase if you have anything but the most basic flat, small garden. I’m happy with it but not really impressed as I was when I bought a robot vac. Not amazing or life changing.

      • Why and where does it get stuck?

        • Wattabout a slighty sloping small lawn which normally takes me 10-15 mins to mow?

          • @pacificstorm: Why would you bother with a robot?

            Issues are mostly down to boundary wire management.

            If you don't lay the wire deep into your lawn and then set it to cut low it will cut the wire to start with.

            It takes about 6 months for the lawn to "pull" the wire down, so don't mow on the lowest settings before this if you haven't dug a trench for the boundary wire.

            If the wire does get cut it is easy to fix with a wire joining kit but you need a bit of slack in the wire to rejoin (previously I've taken this out of some of the corners).

        • Primary the front runs on a single wheel, it can bump up over things you didn’t expect it to mount if the ground is uneven. I had a concrete stormwater outlet. It was quite high but I ended up putting a wire cage over the top to guarantee no jump up and massive noise as razor blade wheel cut a massive chunk out of it. As one example, it ain’t smart

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